dimanche 1 mars 2009

This is the last episode of the finger soap: the needle point never moved by itself, doesn't hurt anymore, so we learned to live together and i will not be operated, damage could be important , scary huh? I feel good about it, it's ok, period!
Just wanted to show you where i buy most of my garments, coats, skirts, shoes, bags, you name it, and also a lot of fabric for quilting .
I didn't dare to take pics inside, they have very poor clients and people can get angry easily when they are pictured and i don't want to hurt anybody.
It's so amazing what you can find there: i LOVE quality brands and cashmere pullovers, why should i spend a fortune on one piece if i can find it in my neighbourhood for a nickle and a dime?!?
It's messy, sometimes smelly, but it's one of my urban adventures and i feel like a hunter when i go there.........

Last weeks quilttop is finished.
I found the directions in Fons and Porters' QUILTS FROM AMERICA'S HEARTLAND, easy peasy job.
The most time consuming part was the triangle strips, i did it with THANGLES.
I'm pretty happy with the result.
Showing the entire top was not easy, i simply put it on the wall with scotchpaper.
Hoping for a quiet week and some time for sewing, Will V in Paris

2 commentaires:

Lazy Gal Tonya a dit…

oh Will, your poor finger - it sure looks like it hurts. so glad that it doesn't, esp since they're leaving that in there. ow ow ow. fun quilt top.

Colette a dit…

Espérons que ton petit morceau de métal ne te fera pas trop soufrir !
Wahou...ton top est superbe. Bravo !