dimanche 20 décembre 2015


Last week we had a bee: the small top is a crib quilt, i made it after seeing the photo on pinterest, they all loved the hexie center and the prussian blue on the border. It looks more english than american.

Do you remember the snailtrail in progress ? I made it after a quilt in Edyta Sitar's book A HANDFULL OF SCRAPS. The top is ready now. She calls it SLOW AND STEADY, and that's what it was....

Maybe you may say i'm boring with the MOUNTMELLICK, it's the last time, promised.... The final border is half of a  pillarprint, as a whole it was simply overwhelming! 
The fabric is from a Barbara Brackman print for Moda, way back to the nineties.

Here is the serial you-know-what working on a rustic crazy quilt, with embroidery of course

and a tiny woolen pincushion on her shoulder.

Busy bees are Sylvie and Anne Marie.

The serial... also finished her Japanese top, a gem

and the darker border is beautiful. More good news about her: SHE IS STARTING A BLOG!!! Just retired, she finely had the time to show you more! Take care you all and hugs from Paris.


No, I've been sewing a lot, and spend a sunday with Randy from BARRISTER'S BLOCK. Randy didn't spend much time in Paris this time, but saved a day for me and we went like last year to CE who lives on the right bank of the Seine, and showed his collection of antique quilts. This year's theme was crazy quilts, he has some stunning pieces.
Weather was nice, not cold at all, and as you see on the photo, the road along the Seine was closed for cars, to please runners and roller skaters.

jeudi 8 octobre 2015

More antique quilts

brought to SMM by Jane Lury and her husband. The first one is a woolen appliqué, stunning images, like a comic strip and military scenes. The second circle shows emperor Napoleon. It looks as if it was made by one person and the woolen fabrics are (perhaps) uniform fabrics. How amazing, fascinating, and was the maker also the designer?
We can only guess, no written documentations.....

And then the tables filled with old quilts and mouthwatering tops, and Jane quietly giving info about the era and states were the quilt were made.
It's a great joy to meet her once or twice a year!

My ultimate favorite this time: an english quilt, certainly not the most intricated, but the kind that talks to me...

That's it for today, more to come!
Warm greetings,
Will V in Paris