dimanche 18 octobre 2009

Last posting SMM

Isabeau between Guy and Carol from Quiltmania, Isabeau's home is featured in the latest issue, take a look and enjoy, it's a feast for the eye,colorful and inspirational!
Petra Prins and Renée, her helper.
Showed us beautiful quilts, you can buy the kits, and beautiful reproductionfabrics.

And here is the crew of "LA FEE PIROUETTE", Nathalie, second from the right, creates quilts with embroidery, simply delicious.

Take a look at this quilt: one hourglass is 4 cm, the zest of orange made is so special.

The quilt came to Europe with my favorite antique quilt specialist ever:
She is real trooper and came all on her own this time, selling her quilts, tops ,orphan blocks and old fabrics, and always with a big smile.
I hope she had some time to see the Elsass wit a good guide!

And Mary gave me fabric, from her next collection she created for BLANK, not yet available in quiltshops, asking me to make a little quilt using the collection.
Thank you Mary, i love such a challenge!

Second version of Mary's collection.

This is something totally different:
last year a dear friend gave me a little exercise book from a young schoolgirl, it was made during wartime, in 1943 and it shows clearly how sewing skills were taught then.
I wish i had such knowledge too!

Two recent flea market finds,a little needlebook and the cover of a little oval box, both for next to nothing.

And oh, should i feel ashamed?
I bought fabric in SMM.
But when i counted at home, i realised it was 12 meters!
NO, i'm NOT ashamed, i need this....
Enjoy your weekend, greetings from Paris, so nice under a bright autumn sun,
Will V

jeudi 8 octobre 2009

Miscellenious from Ste Marie

Som redwork from the Elsass in a small show about antique haberdashery and embroidery

The next pics were taken through glass, so the quality of the pics is not what i wanted, bit frustrating.

A beaded purse

This was gorgeous, how many ohours did she spend on making this?!?!?

Yoko's little helper, Yoko Saito and Isabelle from Quiltmania in Yoko's stand.

A part of a Dutch quilt, entirely made from Den Haan en Wagenmakers' fabric.

This is Willyne Hammerstein's quilt, all her quilts are very colorful, and the dark border very intriguing.

Elbeth and Nel in the Den Haan en Wagenmaker's stand.
DHEW is now a department of Petra Prins.

A costume from Hungary, heavy embroidery, a feast for the eye.

Some dresses from Southeast Asia, i forgot to mention where it came from.

Still more to show you, so let's say see you tomorrow.
Will V. in Paris

mardi 6 octobre 2009

Ste Marie again and progress on the hexies

Elisabeth Madzar is born french, but followed the love of her life to Istanbul where she started a quiltgroup with Turkish ladies, who uses only antique fabrics like silks, brocades velvet, etc.
She came with her group to Ste Marie to show a part of their quilts and some costumes.
the central panel you see her was made from velvet and silver thread embroidery.
Notice the sculpted border:
under the, let me call it clover leafs, are paperpieces.
Elisabeth told me that this piece needs constant repair and care.
The quilts are huge, very ornamental and oriental of course.
Stunning, but not the kind of quilt you could sleep under!

Here are the hexies and you can clearly see the center part surrounded.
I still have a big bunch of red hexagons, but i will quickly run out of flowers so it will take some time before you will see an update.
It's fun to do, but i want to work in the same time on quicker projects.
I forgot to tell you that the coin you see next to a beige flower in one of my former posts is a one euro coin.

There is more left of the trip to SteM so see you tomorrow!
Will in Paris, finally autumn in the air..........