samedi 9 avril 2011

A day with Randy

and Mark in Montmartre, Randy comes to Paris regularly and we try to meet often. We made big plans for her return to France in September, and go to Ste Marie aux Mines with the other girls.
Look what she brought me: Bonnie Hunter's latest book and i'm tempted to start soon with the quilt on the page as shown.
I've got the cheddar , a big leftover from another quilt finished lately, all the rest is peanuts - i mean the gathering of the scraps......
And the little schoolhouse quilt is finished too, it measures  20 1/2 by 20 1/2 inches and was made with antique fabric purchased from Mary and Joe Koval.
Amazing what one can do with little amounts.
Mary will probably show this little quilt in Nantes, so if you're going, take a look , but not on wednesday, i'll come on thursday....
Wheather is gorgeous, sunny and warm, have a good weekend you all, Will V in Paris

dimanche 3 avril 2011

a quilt for Japan

Elisa stayed with us for a week during her last school vacation, she is nearly 9 now, showing her new pijamas, she is in her pink period and we have serious conversations. Until now she was scared of the Eiffeltower, but decided she was ready to climb it this time. Unfortunately there was a freezing cold, so we decided to have a hot chocolate in a tea room.
Next time we be the right one honey.....
On the first spring day DH and I had a walk along the Seine and explored some hidden corners of St Germain des Prés:
Ever seen the Cour de Rohan ?
Well hidden and so quiet, the houses haven't been changed for ages,you walk on cobble stones like hundreds of years ago, i don't dare to imagine the price of one square meter.......

Café Procope, supposed to be the oldest café in town
Just a lovely facade
on Boulevard St Germain
And here is the quilt i decided to donate for the Victims in Japan.The fabric from the blocks were given to me by a quilting friend, i'm sure she agrees with my decision. The suffering of these people seems unbrearable to me: the earthquakes, tsunami and the nuclear accident, UNBELEAVABLE;
I will be in Nantes on April 27 for POUR L'AMOUR DU FIL where Quiltmania will collect quilts for Japan and take care of transports.
This was a quiet weekend and i count my blessings
Love to all,
Will V in Paris