lundi 30 mars 2009

War against clutter

No photos today: this will be a very austere message: i declared war against clutter, and believe me, changes will be made here!
I'm filling big plastic bags with rubbish and unnecessary stuff, trying to get my life on order.
The problem here is that we have no space, just 2 rooms, a kitchen of course, a bathroom.
It's an average Paris apartment, the Mimi Pinson style.
My American friends just can't imagine HOW SMALL it is here!
Ask Lazy Gal Tonya, i'm sure she is smiling there in Florida.
OK, let's get to the point: i have a huge pile of MARIE CLAIRE IDEE magazines.
I'm willing to send 3 issues in a pouch by post to whom it demands: all i ask you is to send me some scraps, but reproductionfabrics only, please.
If you are interrested,let me know by a private mail and bear in mind that i'm talking about OLDER ISSUES, but in mint condition.
If you collect MCI's, mention the issues you already own.
Hope this is not too confused,
Will in Paris.