jeudi 3 mars 2011

More street art and some

poetry , who's the guy, or the girl?
A mystery for the moment, but it could be MISS TIC eventually......
This is one of the cutest little theatres in Paris, just around the corner. So if you are passing by, you're very close to me too....
I've started a new project, my version of NEARLY INSANE, planned a couple of years ago, and more or less forgotten until now: it took
 days to cut and sew the first bloc, and i have the intention to make the most intricated ones first. I take my time, not in a hurry and want to make them neet and accurate.
My friend JOES from Amsterdam - dutch quiltcat - found out that the blocs from the original quilt were pictured in the 3 japanese quiltbooks shown on the pics, a truly great help.
Thanks Joes, you're a real detective.
Your comments on my last posting were surprising and i appreciate them very much, hartwarming support girls, be sure i follow yours attentively too, although i hardly leave comments.
Una, did you make progress on the English quilt with the mariner's compass as a center?
If yes, please show us something.....
Will in Paris, cold but sunny.