mercredi 23 juin 2010

A bit from this, a bit from that..........

A shop in the rue St. Honoré,
i love that area, the historic heart of Paris, beautiful shops filled with stuff i can't afford, but love to look at.
It's close to place Vendome .

Anne Marie in the serial knitter's garden , far from the madding crowd.
Wheather wasn't so nice and at the end it started raining, but i always enjoy the green and lack of noise..........;

The little Adirondack chair in a corner,

the overall smell of honeysuckle,

and the bow withe the Ronsard roses.

Last sunday we had a gathering at Monique, and Françoise joined us for lunch and a marvelous give away,
She empties her attic!
The gorgeous tea cosy was for me, and i'm still under the shock.

I had also some linens,,hankies, you name it!

Anne Marie nearly finishes her Kaffe Fassett copie of a Vand A quilt, HUGE

I've beeb busy with the silly tapestries, made a floorcloth and a bag,
fun to make, but i broke 6 needles, and the Bernina did a good job after all.
I've runned out of material, but go on looking for these items, the bold colors do really well.
If you google on FREDERIQUE MORREL, you can find more, she coves couches, chairs and footstools.

The bag is made from 22 squares of 14 cm.

The little dollquilt was made in an afternoon, the red triangles are leftovers of a bigger quilt.

Working on the hexies is a bit slower now, and i will save she sewing for summer while a way from home, but basting goes on.

Vide greniers is in high season, and the last one i visited was just around the corner:
lucky me!
A wooden jig saw puzzle for 1 euro, never used and complete, the new ones will cost you an arm and a leg!

a little porcelain jug with a blue mill, how coul a Dutch girl far from home resist?

This is an older find, but not shown yet, a lace cushion, still in good condition.
I will never use it, but it's soooo cute.....;

Next saturday i will take a day off to explore the surroundings of Gare de Lyon and the shops under the arcade so stay tuned, i promise to make an interresting report.
Keep on quilting girls, i love your blogs and spend several hours each day to follow yours!
from Paris, Will V