lundi 10 décembre 2012

Guess who came to Paris

last week? Randy from California, lost of you follow her blog called BARRISTER BLOCK, she comes to see me any time she"s in Paris and we have much fun to exchange fabrics and share a walk in Montmartre.
She spoiled me with a shawney from Wisconsin, a pile of men's shirts for new frugal projects and BONNIE HUNTER'S latest book.
Randy, finding time will not be a problem and start saving coins to join us in Ste. Marie....

I made a few little blocks for the quilting bee tomorrow, my friend C will use them in her quilt.
Have a quiet week, i will follow your blogs carefully.
Valérie, if you read me, all the best for your incredible adventure and your quiltshop in the USA, women are the strongest and the very best, i admire your courage.
Will V in Paris.