jeudi 26 février 2009

some weird stuff and quilts in progress

Let me start by showing you a utility quilttop: the fabric is from Dutch German and Kelsch ( Elsass) , all bedlinens. Tonya has some leftovers, and i wonder what she's going to do with it. I'm trying to find a way to show you big quilts in a nice way, but the appartment is soooooo small, that the only way to picture them entirely is going outside. I don't want to spend much time on this quilt, tying or machine quilting will do it.

I've started this sawtooth quilt yesterday: the blue fabric is from Hungary, the red from Germany.
Both are very sturdy, so tying will be the only option.

This is one of my weird finds: a sleeveles vest, embroidered with pearls. Very heavy, bold colors, no info about the origin, but it's very precious, the fabric is black velvet.
Anyone there who has an idea where this was made? What a job to make such a thing! I'm sure my DS will love this too!

Cloth hangers in a wire: it's in a small alley i pass by often. The wire is to keep doves away from the windows, wonder who had this silly idea!

Place des Abbesses in the heart of Montmartre!
The girls from the Wallace fountain dressed up with knitty stuff!
Well done an so trendy, hope this will stay for a while, the wheather is still dull and it makes a smile on many faces.

CRISSINE left a comment on my blog,she should start a blog too, you have such wonderful work to share with us Christine! Come back often and let's have lunch soon............

mardi 17 février 2009

A little dollquilt top, made last week when i couldn't handsew, with the ultimate left overs from the home made yellyroll, and some other tiny bits, it helped to pass the time with the sore finger.

As you know, little Elisa came to see us and we spoiled her with new baskets, the girly kind with a touch of gold and strass.
Here is her head, she's drowning in quilts, and a talented model. I suppose she will manipulate us several times again as little girls can do with grandparents............

This is my good friend Sylvie Girouard showing her latest top.She could not come with us for the Creuse Convention, so she made a Bonnie Hunter top her own way. Look at the lovely color composition and THE CORNERS! Her work is coordonating seminars for highschool art teachers, a specalist in remodeling old garments and other textile items, i love to spend time with her.

Happy quilting Ladies, until next week with more news, Will V in Paris

mercredi 11 février 2009

One more dollquilt, made with the English paper piece method, so accurate and easy to take with you while travelling. The little border is a french fabric with a good scale for this size of quilts.
A couple of weeks ago i passed by the MARAIS quarter, one of my favorite spots in Paris, make sure you'll have a jump there when you spend some days here! I always go to LA BONNE RENOMMEE, they carry garments ,bags, hats, plaids, all inspired by ethnic elements, embroidery and patchworks, rather expensive, but simply gorgeous.

Imet my good friends from Istanbul lately, Selma Kenter and Fulia, both very inspired quilters,and Selma is one of the founders of the Quilt scene in Turkye. She organises every 2 years a quilt convention, in Istanbul or in Adana.

For those who follow my finger adventure: the bit of the needle in my finger did not move AT ALL, so surgery is decided for the 26 of feb.Handsewing is excluded for the moment, will have to be patient.
I may not post in the next few days; will work on a craft fair "L AIGUILLE EN FETE"and next week our little Elisa will come to see us for a week.
Take care you all, fondly, Will in Paris

vendredi 6 février 2009

Some pics of my doll quilt collection: i'm always astonished to see the result of just a few scraps and a little imagination. Less than a few hours is enough to make something lovely. I have no feeling for wall hangings, it's either a bedquilt or a doll bed quilt that attracts me.
The wallnut cradle was made by a DH childhood friend, Blagoja Djaikovic from Skopje, Macedonia. I brought him a photocopie from an antic cradle, and he knew exactly what i wanted.
Concerning my finger: no news! The doctor said that surgery might cause damage, and he hopes the needle will come out by itself! A new x-ray next week...........
I worked the last days with tangles: sooooooooo boring! But how quick and accurate! I made some homemade yelly rolls not long ago, and i used them to make the 2 triangle squares
Bright and sunny in Paris, but a new storm should be at hand.............Happy quilting my new friends, and let me tell you once more how much i appreciate you passing by and your comments!

mardi 3 février 2009

Today i want you to introduce my teddy bears, my other addiction.These guys are sitting on the replica of a toy chair that belonged to my aunt when she was a little girl. This one was made by my brother in law, Henk B, thank you Henk, you've put so many hours to make it!
And these are the crumb diamonds i told you about a couple of days ago, i'm not sure about the sashing fabric, there might be a lack of contrast. It is beautiful BRAQUENIE fabric,it might be more suitable for a flying geese quilt perhaps. Once again your comments are very welcome.
There is something weird about the crumbs, or should i say Gremlins, I made 45 diamonds, and the quantity of left overs seem to be more than when i started! I really love scrap quilts the most and i'm determined to use all the bits and pieces! Happy quilting, tomorrow is finger day,never do what i did: PUT YOUR FOOT OFF THE PEDAL WHILE THREADING YOU MACHINE!

I forgot to mention the size of the diamonds: 8 inches, roughly 20 cm for a side. Freezerpaper on the back for more accurancy.

dimanche 1 février 2009

These are the books i was waiting for from Amazon, and i'm very happy with them! Home sewn is SO inspiring! Civil war diary was for a long time on my wishlist, the size of the blocks is a lot easier to make than Dear Jane. Collaborative quilting just breathtaking, i once met Freddy Moran in the quiltshop where i worked then,she's a whirlwind! Warm fuzzies is cute, and i have a pile of felted pull overs, that's why.

This is the pile of magazines Tonya left in Paris before moving. Ton, i'm still digging in those before going to sleep, enjoying them so much!

Just a bowl, broken and glued.
Bought in Zutphen, Holland in a huge junksale.
I love to thrift with my sister,she drives the car, i have NO driver's licence, and we have pretty much the same taste.

Does anyone knows more about this kind of work? Seems to be from the thirties or fourties. It's not that i like it that much, but it's intriguing........

Not so zen was sewing last friday night at 1 o clock in the night. While treading the machine,i left my foot on the pedal, and guess what happened?
The needle went straight through my finger! It didn't even hurt too much, but when i turned it out, i saw that the needle's point was broken and probably still inside. I feel stupid, never had an accident allthough i use sewing machines since my childhood. Will know more about it tommorrow. Take care you all, beware of sewing machines!