lundi 11 août 2014

Hello readers,

Like last year we spend the month of July at the Normandy coast in Kairon and we were lucky with the weather , bright and sunny, the seawater was warm and we went to the beach for hours.

This is a pic i took just outside St.Pair, near the end on a sunday morning, low tide, to join the carbootsale, a huge one, but i went home empty handed. No worries, a had a wonderful time, just hunting! I do those things alone, on my way and through the years i became very selective. 

Moumoune the cat has grown a lot and can sleep a whole day after a hunting night...

DD is a member of a drumband and participated at a village fair. This was her first performance in public and  and she said it was exhausting and exciting in the same time. The little princess is as tall as i am now and DH is proud of them!

DD has a sudden passion for tomatoes, so every night we had cherrytomatoes with a glass , way better than the tomatoes you buy in the supermarket and absolutely organic, delicious!

Back to Granville for a mussels and french fries meal, with a walk at the harbour , bit windy but it's the coast after all....

I've worked long hours ont Di's Mountmellick,and i feel a lot more comfortable with appliquéing, but there is still a lot to do.

Progress on a cot quilt, an English one, i found the image on Pinterest.

And the quarter of a recently made top, and this brings me to telling you a lovely story: remember the visit of Elsbeth Wallenburg in February? It was a private show and tell at home and she asked "why don't you come to Holland with the tops and share them with the Dutch quilters???" At first glance it seemed a bit weird to me , but Elsbeth asked me again and slowly it became a reality.
So on the 30th of August i will be at Petra Prins in Zutphen, and at the 31th in Amsterdam at Dutch Quilts, former Den Haan en Wagenmakers.
I'm more than happy to share 40 years of quilting experiences with you!!

A porcelain coffecup and saucer from a small carbootsale in Carolles, the only rainy sunday morning...
This lazy blogger hopes you had a good summer in these troubled times where each and every one seems to be affected by growing violence and dramatic climate changes, so take care....