samedi 20 novembre 2010

My sister mailed:

Hey, did you stop blogging?
A friend wrote: i'm fed up with the mushrooms, put something new on the blog and hurry up please...;
I was lazy, really, just lurking on other people's blogs, and spending a week with little Elisa, mostly at the covered swimming pool.
Luckily she swims very well now, so i took the little box with the hexies and sewed, taking a look at her every now and then.

Last sunday we had the first get together of the season at Monique's, who is a wonderful cook.
Take a look at her PETIT SALE AUX LENTILLES, and you understand what i mean.....
There was champagne and tariquet for apéritif and red wine for the cheese. We had cut before 50 squares light and dark in order to make the dutch quilt in QUILTMANIA, but i made a mistake: i forgot the seamallowancies, so i will start all over.
On december the 5th another gathering is planned at Dominique's.

The serial quilter-knitter-embroiderer made baskets for her DS, a Yoko Saito design.

We displayed some dark and light squares on the floor, and we are happy with what we saw, anothe amount of 50 are enough to make a generous size for a bedquilt.

The perfect harmony of Sylvie's pullover and her finger pincushion...

Wine and fire in the chimney did not make me very reactive in the afternoon.

Sylvie embroidered poppyseeds on her vintage sewing bag.
You can find the instructions on a blog called FACILE CECILE with a video.

I took my hexies with me, knowing i could picture the progress in good conditions, thanks for the help girls, not at last for the bits of fabric, the variation of prints is amazing.
With a bit of luck the top will be completed by the end of the year.
I'm moving my fabric collection into translucent boxes intead of the fabric covered vintage boxes.
Less romantic, but truly more efficient.
Take care,
Will V in Paris, sunny but chilly.