lundi 26 septembre 2011

Ste Marie,some more.....

Thanks for the lovely comments on yesterday's post,the top belongs to Petra, and here is one more block to see, i fell in love as soon as i saw it, and yes i will try to copy this top: that makes me wonder how a quilter from around 1860 made her designs, she had not necessarily the skills to make it perfect and i see on the block that is is a bit wacky here and there. Folding pieces of paper?
I will dig out Jinny beyer's first book and see what she wrote about  designing intricated quiltpatterns.
Look at this marvelous antique palempore quilt from Holland,It's a family heirloom, belonging to Joes' mother, unfortunately you cannot see the backing, very nice , and a wonderful information about fabrics made around 1850
Here the original hexagonquilt i've copied lately, i once saw this quilt in Arnhem, think it was in the early nineties. The reds are from tickingfabric we call BEDDETIJK.
I was in shock, because if i knew this before, i could have used the same: i had a huge amount of this fabric, but used it for another purpose.....
That's the way things go, anyway, what a joy to see this quilt again.

I'm busy on finishing doll quilts at the moment, mess around in town and enjoy the lovely weather.
Look forward to another meeting with Randy and spend a few days with good friend in the Périgord,castles to see, wine to buy good meals and hope to find some junk...
Take care, Will V in Paris

dimanche 25 septembre 2011

Ste Marie aux Mines

Hourray for fast trains: Paris Strassburg is hardly 2 and a half ours away, then a reginal train to Selestat and a bus to Ste M.
Gorgeous wheather, and ten minutes later Joes and Isabeau appeared after a much longer  trip from Amsterdam.
Our hideaway is in the mountains, far from the madding crowd and one could imagine that the only important thing is silence and nature and good food in the evening with some wine and quilttalk...
Petra, Nel, Renée and Marie Claude came back at the end of the day showing us a stunning quilttop.
This is 1860 don't you think?
The old lady is worn out, but still so breathtaking, wish i could copy this, but it' really challenging.
Blogger does not allow me to set up more pics today, So i'll try later
, promised, i took a lot more pics.
Wish you all a quiet end of this day, wheather is beautiful here,autumn light and warm as in summer.
Take care, Will V in Paris