lundi 28 avril 2014

A finish

Most of the blocks were made by my quilting buddies , and i feel deeply ashamed for hiding them in a bag for years now..... I considered a brown stripe for the sashing as ideal , until i saw a picture from the original quilt from about 1880 , off-white plain muslin , but of course!!
The brown fabric was just to heavy and dark , i'm happy with the result .
It will stay a top for the moment , and there is a reason for this , but a cannot tell more for the moment....

Some details of the blocks.

This is a stupid mistake i made this weekend , because i always go full speed , thought i read the explanation a hundred times %µ§£ !!!!!
This is  (will be ) the first border for NI ,i sewed all the pink rectangles and green tringles THE SAME DIRECTION !!
And it must be a zigzag border...
Now i must change half of the rectangles....

My latest find from the junkshop : 8 metres of this lovely japanese kimono fabric , blending in so nice with Dutch folklore fabric ;

This is Carolyn Konig ,a quilter extraordinaire from Australia , and we met in Nantes ; Her book is awesome , so i will pop in with more pics from POUR L'AMOUR DU FIL very soon.
Take care and keep quilting,
Will V in Paris

vendredi 25 avril 2014

Hello from Paris

The big hexagon top is finished , love it love it ! 
Handquilting would be a too tough job , batting is not a good option too , or perhaps some light flanellette.
The borderfabric is sturdy , a heavy cotton for upholstery or curtains , so it will end up as a tied quilt , now looking for a backing , let me see what's availabable at the marché St. Pierre.

Then the second border of Mountmellick , still without the little flowers on the beige corners , but that will be a matter of hours ,waiting for the third border , the next issue of Quiltmania should arrive within days.
The third border will be mainly appliqué too i was told.....

I was  lucky last week :
went to my junkshop , and found this antique cashmere shawl , i suppose the background , a sad shade of antracite gray , was once black , or maybe a dark green.
I imagine the for corners a a center for a medallion quilt , and the smaller parts worked in blocks. There are no holes in the parts i want to use ,but it's OLD ,so even if it will be a quilt one day , it has to be treated with care.....
Payed a euro for it , good deal huh??

And with the cashmere shawl this pillowcase came home and i use it, because nothing can compare the soft feel of real linen....
I went to Nantes yesterday, had a wonderful day and will show you pictures from the fair.
Have a good weekend , Will V in Paris

lundi 7 avril 2014

Long time no news from Paris

Shall i start with the progress on quilts and the start of Mountmellick? It's Di Ford's stunning mistery quilt, she made for QUILTMANIA.
Kits are available and i see beautiful samples on blogs , but i do it my own way with stuff from the boxes.
Appliquéinge is not easy for me and it's quite a challenge, but while working , i feel more and more at ease.
The chintz flowers came out of the Dutch stuff box , and seem bigger then the ones on the print for the kit.
The leaves beside the corner hexagons must still be appliquéd , but that's easy peasy compared to the start.
I love the blue border , and on the second pic you see the preparation for the second border , which is ready and sewn on while i'm writing.
The six pointed  hexagon blocks are a gift from my quilting buddies in Paris and i will go on making more blocks in order to get a top at the end.
I saw the block on a Pinterest pic and fell in love wth it immediately.
Triangles will separate the blocks , perhaps off white.
We had an early spring this year in France , and i spend a few days at the seaside with DD and the little sweetie, who is taller as i am now , and hates to be pictured all in once.....
On very sunny and warm day i walked from St. Pair to Carolles , to join Vauban's stone cabin , but the weather wasn't clear enough to see Mont St. Michel unfortunately , and the quiet roads and hidden beaches , the greenery and tiny flowers were a feast for the eye.
I have a brand new computer , Windows 8 , and i don't feel very at ease with it now , but i must admit there is a huge difference with the seven years old Dell, and at least i can upload photo's , learn something new every day...
Now looking for a Word initiation....
Take care you all and greetings from Will V in Paris