mardi 31 mars 2009

A fresh wind

Have a look at those gorgeous tiles: an entire wall in the entry of a Paris building from the turn of the century.
Normally you can not enter a building without knowing the doorcode.
Doorcodes are a disaster for me, i'm soooo curious, but i do agree, for safety it's necessary.
As the postman just came out, i slipped inside and took these pics.
The hall was not large enough to take the whole wall, but i'm happy to show you these details.
Jugendstil period i suppose.

A junkshop find from heaven knows where, the background is velvet, punchneedled, bold colors.
Folk art from eastern Europe?
I payed 1 euro 50 for it, which is quite a good deal i think!

Just a litle bunch of nine patches, but not a clear destination.
Always good to have at hand on a rainy winterday.
I had a subscription for swatches at Vintage and Vogue for quite a long time, and i used some of those to make them.

I made this top last week:
the blocks were made a few months ago, with dutch fabric from Den Haan en Wagenmakers.
The big triangles a junkshop find, kind of chinoiserie.
The sashings were destinated for the crumb diamonds i showed a while a go, but his seems a far more better use to me.
I'm happy with the blended effect, inspired by a quilt from the American Museum in Bath, UK.
I was happy to spend a moment with you, but go back to the clutterfight right now for an hour or two.
Will in Paris.

10 commentaires:

Diva Quilts a dit…

that quilt top is STUNNING! So beautiful.

And since I'm commenting - thought I'd tell you how much I'm enjoying reading your blog. :)

Ariane a dit…

I love the quilt. It's beautiful.

Karen a dit…

Beautiful tiles and I love your quilt top.

Clare a dit…

A little bird told me that you are a sucker for courtyards/entries. I am too. I love seeing what lies behind those huge doors. Unfortunately these days sneak peeks are getting few and far between.

The quilt top is beautiful.

Janet a dit…

How gorgeous the tiles are, thank you for showing them. I love your quilt it's stunning and I do like the nine patches too!

Judy in Michigan a dit…

C'est manifique!! (which, I hope, says that your quilt top is brilliant!!) You have a beautiful sense of color. Thanks for sharing.

Lazy Gal Tonya a dit…

beautiful quilt top, Will. and to think you got it together so quickly. beautiful tilework as well, so sad that hardly anyone gets to see it anymore.

McIrish Annie a dit…

I would love to walk into my house every day and see those beautiful tiles.

and your blended quilt top is fabulous!

good luck with the battle on clutter!

martine a dit…

Prachtig, de tegeltableaus.
Heb je op wacht gestaan tot je er in kon.
En je quilt is ook een beauty.Zou het nooit kunnen bedenken om die stoffen te combineren maar het is super mooi.

Anonyme a dit…

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