mardi 16 juin 2009

We had a lovely walk along the Seine on a sunday afternoon a few weeks ago, and iw as very much intrigued by the guy on the left!
Seems as if he is........... yes? No?
For some reason we always walk on the left bank, maybe because you see the Louvre in such a lovely way.
So we get off the subway at Solférino, go to the left, le Musée D'Orsay is on your right and admire the Rhino sculpture, cross the street, follow the riverside.
Cross the first bridge on your way and GET DOWN THE STAIRS AT THE FIRST OCCASION.
Then do it the easy peasy way, just straight on , on your own rythm,
you can walk for miles and miles and enjoy the monumental buildings on your way.
We do this quite often and it won't cost you a dime.

While passing by the main Police department we saw this facade hidden for an important resurfacing,with pics from the cops in all kinds of uniforms, even a roller skater cop!
Joes in Amsterdam, this pic is for you: my friend Nicole fell in love with your antique scrap six pointed star, she allready has a bunch, and it's all done by hand.

So we went for Pentecost to Granville, where Elisa lives with her mum, the wheater was gorgeous, sunny and bright and a seven year old girl is able to swim a whole day....
Granville is famous for the Dior Museum, has a lovely local history museum too, and the country side looks like Ireland, even more going northwards to Cherbourg and surroundings.
We will certainly spend a part of august over there too, close to Granville.
Le Mont St. Michel is only an hour by car, but we avoid to go there in summer, too crowded.

10days ago was the last get-together before the summer, good to see each other.
We quilted a little, the meal was delicious.

The mola was a flea market find nad goes to my sister Hans, who turn 69.
Happy birthdays sister, and many happy returns of the day!
This mola is very well made: very tiny stitches, and i think, allthough i don't know very much about molas, that the design is unusual.
Hope she likes it!

Another fleamarket find , recently bought in my area.
Is anyone familiar with this embroidery?
Could it be Palestinian?
Or South American.
I know i have followers in Haifa, Adi, does this look familiar to you?

And how about this?
Looks as if it's made the same way as the shiny orangy thing i showed several weeks ago.

The reason i was silent the last 2 weeks, was that right after Pentecost hell broke out here, because we decided all of a sudden for a total remake of the bathroom.
New ceiling, window, paint, taps, tiles,you name it!
Oh, it's very simple, but what a joy to enter in a clean, spotless and shiny bathroom!
We did it as simple as possible , only the taps are from a very good brand.
And what would we do without IKEA? The only stressfull aspect was the frightening mess all over the appartment, we live in only 45 square meters. Tonya, how much is that in square feet?
But things come slowly back to normal, what we both enjoy very much.
Will be back soon with something quilty,
Will in Paris