jeudi 19 mars 2009

The triangles in this medallion quilt were made with paper piecing, a great help, but i forgot that the stiches must be VERY TINY, so tearing the paper away is a real pain in this case!
Where will i find time to quilt all my tops?
I'm constantly tempted by starting a new quilt, just can't resist!
The quilt was shown in QNM, directions in two or three issues.
The chrome yellow was from the Callie Lu collection, don't remember the brand.
I love chrome yellows and poison greens, a pity there are so few available for the moment.

Oh, i know, i know, i don't need those paper sheets, but who could resist?
I try to do , once a week, what i call my LUXURY TOUR:
I start Place da la Madeleine, drink an espresso at FAUCHON, then go to the English Bookshops, Brentano's, avenue de l'OPERA, and Galignani's, rue de RIVOLI.
Brentano's seem to suffer from crisis, or is it that people buy more and more via the internet?
I went there often just to take a look, and then order at Amazon's.
I feel a little guilty, but it's so much cheaper this way, even with shipping and handling...........
BTW, the paper was from the museumshop in the Decorative Arts Museum.

I've spend many hours this week on tydiing my embroidery floss.
Everything was hidden in messy plastic bags, and it looks so much nicer in this box!

Some more Spode china mugs:
bought in one of Houston's charity shops, as big as a Wallmart.
I had 6 for 6 dollars, i din't believe my eyes and i was over the moon!

I want to wish a warm welcome to my new followers, among them is Colette, oh girls, you should see her quilts!
Sunday i will stick together with my friends from the CREUSE CONVENTION, for quilting and a good meal with some wine.
Hope you all will have a lovely weekend with sun and nice people around,
Will V in Paris, bright and sunny.

7 commentaires:

Yuki a dit…

Wow, those triangles look tiny! How many did you have to make? I admire your perseverance.

ttfn :) Yuki

Colette a dit…

merci Will !! et toujours impatiente de te lire...

Lazy Gal Tonya a dit…

congrats on the quilt top! Sorry to hear Brentanos isn't doing so well, but I definitely always went the Amazon option too, except for magazines.

Clare a dit…

I don't think it's buying books online, I think it's just the way things are at the moment. After all, W H Smith and Shakespear have been in Paris for years!!!

I store my floss in the plastic boxes the French use for fishing tackle!

Fabric Fanatic a dit…

Will, I love your sawtooth stars! It is just darling and I can only applaud you for the patience in tearing off all that paper. Good Job.

martine a dit…

Ik vind de kleuren van je quilt heel mooi.
En Brentanos moet niet failiet gaan voordat ik weer een keer in Parijs geweest ben.
Veel te leuk om daar te snuffelen.

MJinMichigan a dit…

I Love your star quilt! I have the Callie Lu bright yellow print that you used and it matches a fabric in one of my antique quilts perfectly.
Do you remember which issue of Quilters Newsletter had the pattern?