vendredi 27 mai 2016

Progress on the blue monday quilt

Hi Randy Danto, this post is mainly for you.
Do you remember the dark blue fabric that was intended for the backing of the red hexagonquilt?
I've never been able to put the scissors in the huge amount and hoped to find a spectacular idea to use it.
And last week, while lurking Stella Rubin's website, i saw the antique quilt, dark blue background, close to mine and that bold chrome yellow  hour glasses, bingo!!
And there will be plenty for at least two more tops!
Randy, you're an angel....
Today's weather is nice, dry and warmer, but bad again for the weekend.
Take care you all quilters, happy quilting!

PS: Not enough fabric from my favorite chrome yellow, so it's a mix of several ones but that doesn't bother me. No progress on the japanese blocs until now.

mercredi 25 mai 2016

Moodboard on a rainy monday...

Pooring rain, monday mood to fight so i created an artistic mess on the table and ironing board. Opened a box with japanese fabric, some chrome yellow and scraps and a quilt in mind: mainly blue, blue monday.... But it's taking shape, and quicker than i thought......
Today the wheather is bright and sunny, hello from Paris!

dimanche 1 mai 2016

Jane Lury, quiltcollector.

Jane and her husband now come to Europe for long years, travelling with their extended collection of antique quilts , orphan blocs and some other interresting textile items.
But this time for a special occasion: the book!
I stared at the quilts with open mouth: fireworks of chrome yellows, poison greens and turkey reds and not to forget prussian blues.
The book is definitely a must for quiltlovers and makers, and all the visitors were unanimous: the absolute highlight of PAF 2016.