samedi 25 juin 2016

Decisions, decisions....

I'm thinking, allthough a bit early, of the stuff to take with me for the summer at the seaside. We will be living out of suitcases, so i have to be wise.
Many quilters participate at Linda Collins' pyramids  quilts. The one that has been published in Quiltmania an her book.
Mine were hidden for a couple of years in a box, but fit in nicely in her project. Admitted.

A bunch of blocks, mainly made by my quilting buddies especially for me. No sashings. Also a few blocks made by myself. Admitted.
And here the most exiting: a box full of  hexies. Made out of the scrap box with no particular idea. The book is a catalogue from the Historic Deerfield Museum, very thin and found back lately. 

We're saturday, a bright and sunny morning with lots of discussions about the brexit. Europe needs fresh ideas and a maybe different way to live together. Keep on quilting ladies, and have a lovely weekend!

mercredi 22 juin 2016

Last sunday

we had a lovely bee at the serial quilter-knitter-embroiderer, plenty of things to see, she showed us her baby dresses and we were all gobsmacked by seeing such beauties.

As usual it all started with coffee and cannelés made by Anne-Marie who was quilting for a deadline.

A corner of her room...

Progress on two Japanese quilt and a delicate storage box.

And this is what i saw when i came home, the grey Paris' roofs and a tiny little bit of people's lives. Tomorrow i with follow the news on TV all over the day: Our daughter lives in London and we feel concerned about the brexit. I hope the UK will stay in Europe.

vendredi 17 juin 2016

just one!

Just one, that's all but enough to wish you a very good weekend.
It'raining cats and dogs, the whole day, some rays of light this mornong but tropical rain since noon.
What would i be without my bits of fabric, needles and pins?
And all the news is so depressive......
I count my blessings and go on. Stay safe!

vendredi 27 mai 2016

Progress on the blue monday quilt

Hi Randy Danto, this post is mainly for you.
Do you remember the dark blue fabric that was intended for the backing of the red hexagonquilt?
I've never been able to put the scissors in the huge amount and hoped to find a spectacular idea to use it.
And last week, while lurking Stella Rubin's website, i saw the antique quilt, dark blue background, close to mine and that bold chrome yellow  hour glasses, bingo!!
And there will be plenty for at least two more tops!
Randy, you're an angel....
Today's weather is nice, dry and warmer, but bad again for the weekend.
Take care you all quilters, happy quilting!

PS: Not enough fabric from my favorite chrome yellow, so it's a mix of several ones but that doesn't bother me. No progress on the japanese blocs until now.

mercredi 25 mai 2016

Moodboard on a rainy monday...

Pooring rain, monday mood to fight so i created an artistic mess on the table and ironing board. Opened a box with japanese fabric, some chrome yellow and scraps and a quilt in mind: mainly blue, blue monday.... But it's taking shape, and quicker than i thought......
Today the wheather is bright and sunny, hello from Paris!

dimanche 1 mai 2016

Jane Lury, quiltcollector.

Jane and her husband now come to Europe for long years, travelling with their extended collection of antique quilts , orphan blocs and some other interresting textile items.
But this time for a special occasion: the book!
I stared at the quilts with open mouth: fireworks of chrome yellows, poison greens and turkey reds and not to forget prussian blues.
The book is definitely a must for quiltlovers and makers, and all the visitors were unanimous: the absolute highlight of PAF 2016.

samedi 30 avril 2016

PAM second day

A few quilts from Brigitte Giblin's corner, she is also from Australia, but her roots are french, and that becomes clear when you look at her fabric choice: some toiles and prints she gathers in France during the visits.

Hello Helen, hello Susan, so nice talking to you again, come back next year!

The vendors corner, very busy  for long hours, better go there after 4 pm....

And dangling conversations with Sue, Mirjam, Linda and Françoise, and her box of chocolates to die for...

Still meditative sewing, but something will happen pretty soon:

look at their faces....

sewing boxes and pincushions....

hey, the best scissors in the world


 Betty appliquéing a darling little block,

WOW!! Sue Maddox and the glowing lone star she will bring back home in the UK

And all of a sudden madness all over: Mary Koval poppin'in with her palampore panel giving a piece to all the girls around the table as a souvenir!

Who showed that Quiltmania mysteriequilt?

This is what i brought home this year: new books and some fabric, just a few fat quarters, Hirishima needles, supposed to be the best there is and they truly are marvelous, don't bend at all, easy to thead also. I bought twelves my fav. number.
I stopped every day at Petra Prins' booth and had a little chat with Gerda who makes the most enchanting hexies.
Greetings from Will V. in Paris, cold and windy, i'm still in winterclothes....