vendredi 6 mars 2015

Out with the flu!!

The flu hit me with an unexpected force and as a bonus a terrible bronchitis 3 weeks ago and only since 2 days i feel a lot better, helped with the sunlight and warmer temperatures.
Bronchitis scares me more than everything else as i have damage on my right lung, due to x_rays after breastcancer in 1991. That long ago??? Yes, i'm a survivor since then, i can hardly believe it!!
But you say there was not a single post since 6 dec. 2014!!! 
I agree, and that was laziness, and procastination, and long long hours reading blogs...
And then i received some e-mails from fellowquilters, asking if i was allright and i felt sooo ashamed...
Thank you my friends, for your tokens of friendship i appreciate so much...

The top with the blue border is the most recent, made from scraps out of boxes under the bed, the blue border is old Souleïado fabric from a junksale.
Some friends from Amsterdam and Zutphen have seen the stars during the top-show-and-tell and there was much ado about the sashings, a bit weird maybe!

I went to town some days ago, to empty my mind and indulge myself with some magazines from Smith's and sons.

Some pictures of the rue des Abbesses by night. at my friend Gégé, the joiner. He lives on the 5th floor, and from his small balcony i pictured some streetviews and spied the neighbours in front...

Back to my struggle with appliquéborders, take care and i hope the flu passed your door...
Will V. in Paris

mardi 9 décembre 2014

Ready for the last round?

CE's top table!

This is what i saw when i went home: the backside of Notre Dame in the twilight around 5 o'clock. I left Randy at the busstop and crossed the bridge to join mine and go home and the dazzling souvenir of having seen all those beauties!

The next series  are also CE's collection; but the photo's were made last September in Ste.Marie aux mines.

Sharing these with you made me perfectly happy, my quilting goes slowly these times and i have few to share with you, hope you don't take it ill from me and it won't change untill after Christmas....
Take care and happy quilting!
Will V. in Paris

lundi 8 décembre 2014

On a dark day of December

Randy D came to see us, i was very much looking forward to our yearly meeting. After a quick lunch we went home to see the Amsterdam tops.
Randy also brought me big surprises from the US and some of the latest quilting gadgets, a superduper glue dispenser for appliqueing, (not yet available in France i think...) , fingerfriendly tiny screwdrivers for sewing machines, tiny cotton cleaners that can go into the farrest spots in your sewing machine, pencils, scraps, challenging fabrics and last but not least a very complete and certainly out of print log cabin book! On the 5th of December! St.Nicholas! And ,Randy, the little red and white dust box is awesome too!

Then we joined CE, a Paris quilt collector, who organized 3 open days in his stunning appartment with a view on th Seine. We were lucky to meet some friends there too. The walls, doors, tables, e verything was covered with antique quilts and tops

With Christiane and Randy, holding up C's postage stamp top, the tiny squares are half an inch....

Randy and Ghislaine from Brittany

One of my favorites...

CE's view on the Seine and l'Ile St.Louis with Notre Dame on the background.

And, btw. CE also collects samplers...

There is more to come, Love from Paris,
Will V.