mardi 13 avril 2010

La rue St.Paul and back to the hexies.

My friend Alix and i had a walk through rue St.Paul , where is a high concentration of brocantes and antique dealers.
We popped in and were allowed to make pictures of some items:
We both fell in love with two breathtaking cashmeres, 19th century.

Unfortunately the quality of the picture is rather poor, but this map is EMBROIDERED!
Hard to believe huh?
It's behind glass, to much of reflections.
What a job !

On first sight it's a print, but when you look closely, you will see this is embroidery too, all over with only a minor reparation.
Good lord, it's a munument of patience!

Rue des Abbesses, in my area:
The shop seels wine, and still has the old decoration of the kind that disappears in a very quick tempo.
It's also in a derelict state and i wonder how long it will last.
The big letters are hideous by the way!

I have now finished a little bit more than a quarter of the hexagon quilt, what gives me a clear idea of the finished one, i'm happy with this.
I worked a lot on it during easter, still have reds and flowers to go on and a little box with flowers to make while i'm out of town and travelling.
Like next week, while going to Nantes for POUR L'AMOUR DU FIL.
I'm happy to go back there, the program is as sweet as can be, and i hope to meet SUE SPARGO there.
Keep quilting and take care,
Will V in Paris, still cold, but some sun.