vendredi 9 juillet 2010

Progress on the starquilt

A welcome escape from the nearly unbearable heat in Paris:
a day in Dominique's garden,, but even here we had to go inside for lunch and the rest of the day.
I didn't work at all, looked at the girls goin'on with their projects and passed time reading D's scandinavian decoration magazines VAKRE and JEANNE D'ARC. Whow, the kind of homes i just LOVE!

The stars are in steady progress, and i have the number required for the little ones.
I made little mistakes, partly due to the lack of space necessary for machine piecing and rotary cutting, and the mess here........ shame on me!

I can live with the little imperfections you may notice here and there.

Yestrday night, unable to sleep i started cutting in order to make the bigger stars.
I still find it difficult, but glad i did the experience, learning lots about machine piecing .
The machine pieced quilts i made until now were simpler ones, and the problem here is inserting little squares and triangles with a 45 degrees angle.

I found these absolutely perfect boxes in the street in front of the whole food store: small and easy to put away, the only thing i had to do was to open my eyes and i will save them for another project.
Come back this weekend for more from the linen festival.
I'm not at all a football fan, but sunday evening i'll go to a café with a bunch of Dutch for the grand finale!
Will in Paris, hot hot hot!

mardi 6 juillet 2010

Out of town!

I went to the Normandy coast last weekend, with Sylvie, the serial knitter and Pascale.
They have a wonderful hide away in EU, only minutes away by car from MERS and LE TREPORT, and as the weather was ideal, after the suffocating heath of last week, we were ready for a day at the linen festival near Dieppe.

The white cliffs of the Normandy coast gives you a feeling of being in England, the beaches are stony instead of sandy, night fell at 10 30 so we enjoyed every minute.

People spend the days here and have a shelter for rainy days, but it's forbidden the stay over at night...

Here another kind of escape.
I'm a bit bored with the hexies, and strted a week ago to make this top and let me tell you, i find it difficult!
i've nearly finished the little red stars and i consider myself an expert for doing them on the machine.
As you see, i do with what i have at home, but went out this morning for greens, totally runned out for poison greens!
I won't even think of how much time it takes to make such a quilt by hand, ages i suppose.........

The scala of reds were baught last year in St Marie aux mines, the pinks to i believe, and i have the blues for many years.

I promised you an interresting walk in my last post: WHAT A FLOP!
Too hot, i was tired, and the Avenue Daumesnil, which was rather prestigious a couple of years ago, looked derelict in my eyes, i was there on saturday afternoon, much shop were closed!
i entered the embroidery shop, but they had only very formal stuff and uninspiring quiltfabrics.
Next posting will treat the Linen Festival, see you then,
Will V in Paris, a little cooler today.