jeudi 26 mars 2009

A mistery in the neighbourhood:
The building is beautifully refurbished, but the area is not that nice, crowded, noisy, between Barbès and Gare du Nord, you wouldn't stop there just to sit and have a break.
It'on the Boulevard de Rochechouart.
Maybe it was the architect?
an author? a compositor?
But such an elegant décor, and not a sign of life behind the windows..........

We had another get-together last sunday with the girls from the Creuse Convention,
there was food, good wine and we showed progress made on Bonnie Hunter's Bargain Basement and some other stuff.
Good job girls, ready for a new adventure?
Sylvie showed us a darling baby quilt, ready for quilting.

Anne Marie and her Bargain Basement

The other Sylvie knitted a new pullover.
Done with Noro yarn as she told me, isn't that gorgeous?
She's a very experienced knitter too and lots of her knits have been published in the magazine ELLE during the years when we were all knitting.

I'm working for quite a while on this:an antique dutch quilt.
The thing is that i lost the center somewhere and never found it back.
I just have to look forward and start it over.
The hexagons a tiny: the diameter is half an inch, so it will take me busy for a couple of years i think.
It's the kind of work i take with me when i travel, i do it with the english paperpiecing method.
The overall look will be from beige to dark browns( a lot ) some soft pinks and powder blues, civil war fabrics will be dominant.
The background will be a vibrant red.

I found this lovely chair the other day in the street!
Still going strong and no reparations necessary.
A professionnal will redo the sitting, and i'll show you the result when ready.
I hung it in the chandelier to show you the entire chair.........
That's all for today, will be l
back around the weekend so happy quilting! Will V in Paris

5 commentaires:

lesthook a dit…

I used to get together with my sister and quilt. Now she lives a thousand miles away and I don't know anyone else close by. the get-together sounds like lots of fun!

karenfae a dit…

that is a very cool chair - looking forward to seeing what it looks like when it is done.

Banaghaisge a dit…

I LOVE chairs - I collect them, but
how wonderful to find one in the street!
My sister lives in Tasmania and we have been making Sisters Choice quilts together for our two other sisters and our two sisters in law, via the post office!
We are using Miss Bonnie's directions:
Hugs from Oz!

Clare a dit…

It's amazing what can be found in streets.

Is the building unoccupied? I don't think I would want to live near the Gare thank you very much!

Lazy Gal Tonya a dit…

what a talented group of friends and an ambitious project to work on. beautiful chair - glad someone left it on the street for you to find.