jeudi 30 mai 2013

We went to Normandy for

Elisa's 11th birthday and stayed for 6 days there, hoping for some good weather...... and allthough it never rained the WHOLE day, look at the way we were dressed: woolen pullovers and a warm coat outside. 
And nothing has changed since, a glimpse of hope for the weekend.

Sweetie also won a medal on her birthday , she is still riding on horseback every weekend and good in other sports too....

And here's some progress on Nearly insane, the beach will be for next time.
At home i'm cleaning, sorting out, emptiing and letting go.
The hoarder i am took radical decisions.
Do i need the whole Zola series in pocketbooks?
I now think that a kindle is a better option in 550 sq. feet in Paris , and the weight.....
Love and peace from Montmartre ladies,
Will V

dimanche 12 mai 2013

just three pics

to show the fabrics i used a bit closer.

En dan nog een berichtje voor die lieve Gerda: bedankt voor je comlimentje en dat blikje met-de-jeweetwel is leeg. Heerlijk opgesmikkeld. Hardstikke lief.

Tops and a bit of Nantes

You said oh, she promised us more of Nantes for the next day, where has she gone?
I worked on finishing tops again, here they are:
the pineapple is from linen, only plaids and i'm searching for a border, hoping to find some in my neighbourhood and i want it on the cheap......
The courthouse steps is ready now, with a border of antique, never used blue fabric, intended for aprons, once bought in a yard sale, still crisp and a bit shiny.

The start for this top was a buch of fourpatches, and the setting was inspired by an antique quilt from Pennsylvania shown on Bonnie Hunter's blog.
The pink fabric is , if not antique, very old double pink , lovely with the chrome yellows and greens.

The big scrapbox is flowing over and as i'm preparing some blocks for the NEARLY INSANE quilt, i pull out bits and peaces.

Back to Nantes: ladies from the yarn club, ready to help knitters with hints and tips.

Like last year i met Monique Brams again, who's still working on her hexagon quilt and showed me the progress and her well organized work box.
She's a real trooper and takes  her hexies with her whereever she goes.

From the yarnbombers, just outside the congresscenter.

My old quilting buddy Christine Meynier, giving demo's and highly concentrated.
I tried to catch her attention, but no......

Sue from the UK, her blog is called I SEW QUILTS, myself and  Linda from  Australia, QUILTS IN THE BARN.

Nantes is not only quilts, but also about food, good meals and like last year, i went with Joes and Isabeau to LA CIGALE, for a delicious dinner.

And Nantes has park, and an Opera,

and people in the sunshine after an endless winter, enjoying finally warmer temperatures.

And the the surprise to discover just minutes away from my hotel the BELEM, a french tallship 

Sunshine in the Cathedral

And i came home with this, some fatquarters, borderfabrics, another 2 metercut of borderfabric and the two smaller pieces are antique , purchased at Joe and Mary Koval.

And last but not least these very inspiring books from Di Ford and Petra prins with An Moonen.
Happy mother's day from a  sunny Paris, but chilly again...