samedi 25 juin 2016

Decisions, decisions....

I'm thinking, allthough a bit early, of the stuff to take with me for the summer at the seaside. We will be living out of suitcases, so i have to be wise.
Many quilters participate at Linda Collins' pyramids  quilts. The one that has been published in Quiltmania an her book.
Mine were hidden for a couple of years in a box, but fit in nicely in her project. Admitted.

A bunch of blocks, mainly made by my quilting buddies especially for me. No sashings. Also a few blocks made by myself. Admitted.
And here the most exiting: a box full of  hexies. Made out of the scrap box with no particular idea. The book is a catalogue from the Historic Deerfield Museum, very thin and found back lately. 

We're saturday, a bright and sunny morning with lots of discussions about the brexit. Europe needs fresh ideas and a maybe different way to live together. Keep on quilting ladies, and have a lovely weekend!

mercredi 22 juin 2016

Last sunday

we had a lovely bee at the serial quilter-knitter-embroiderer, plenty of things to see, she showed us her baby dresses and we were all gobsmacked by seeing such beauties.

As usual it all started with coffee and cannelés made by Anne-Marie who was quilting for a deadline.

A corner of her room...

Progress on two Japanese quilt and a delicate storage box.

And this is what i saw when i came home, the grey Paris' roofs and a tiny little bit of people's lives. Tomorrow i with follow the news on TV all over the day: Our daughter lives in London and we feel concerned about the brexit. I hope the UK will stay in Europe.

vendredi 17 juin 2016

just one!

Just one, that's all but enough to wish you a very good weekend.
It'raining cats and dogs, the whole day, some rays of light this mornong but tropical rain since noon.
What would i be without my bits of fabric, needles and pins?
And all the news is so depressive......
I count my blessings and go on. Stay safe!