vendredi 5 juillet 2013

Five girls in a car, one by train,

and up to Normandy's countryside, where Dominique, the serial embroiderer, has found for her and her husband, a sweet sweet hideaway, totally hidden  in a see of greenery.

And this is what i saw in the morning when we woke up.
All of us made a little house block, set together and quilted by the serial quilter-knitter.
There was so much laughter as well as food and wine, vive La France. 

Next morning , under a chilly drizzle, we went to Trouville, for fresh seefood. It happens that there is ,a big market with several fishmongers, and an incredible choice.

We baught chocolate too, and jams in a small village, still under the drizzle....

Saw a cat,

well cared off  flowers

typical roofdecorations


a foggy panorama

had a drink BEFORE THIS:

a seefood plateau prepared by the incredible  monsieur GERARD, who can do absolutely everything : joinery, masonry, painting, building chickencoops AND cooking in a devine way.

If nothing goes wrong, another weekend is planned for September.
Enjoy your weekend ladies ,keep on quilting.