dimanche 28 mars 2010

Hot news from the hexagons

Thank you for encouraging me to change the center of the hexies.
I really did the right thing and it didn't take me that much time and effort:
just 2 hours!

I also managed to make about fifty flowers, but runned out of paper hexies, also had some fabric from Anne Marie, to varie and the more i make, the more i'm pleased......

Making the reds was BORING, but had to be done to, that's all i can say about the reds, i worked on this behind my computer, looking and listening to missed programs on the Dutch TV.
I follow a Dutch blog, www.hexabee.blogspot.com/
this girl is working on the same quilt,let me know if you're doing the same!

I payed 50 cents for these darling little boy shoes.
Defenitely made for the working classes, and with wooden soles!
I'm afraid those shoes were painful for kids , and how did the parents check out if they were too small??
These were never worn, so old and still brand new..........

This is my favorite bag at the moment: vintage, a Hermès fake of the Grace Kelly model.
This kind of ladylike handbags are very hot this summer..........
Some household to do and soup to make for dinner, still cold and rainy, back to the hexies ladies, take care!
Will V in Paris

vendredi 12 mars 2010

The shoe hoarder i am

sometimes feels ashamed, i know it's rediculous, so many shoes when you live in such a small appartment?
All that space lost for hoarding fabric?!?!?
I love shoes since i was a child, and my parents always bought us the shoes of the very best quality.
Later, when i was a working single i bought at least one pair every months, and sometimes two......
I realised that i have only one pair high heeled know, and most of them are just flat and made for walking.
I think that shoes tell much about one's personality.
The baby shoes at the last pic are my baby shoes, my daughters also have their first pairs saved.
That's about shoes, handbags are also a big thing for me so in a couple of months.........
Do i share the love for shoes with somebody here in blogland?

I made these blocks lately for my friend CB, and she will receive them next tuesday.
We're five to help her with this quilt.
A repro of and antique one , 1850-1870 from the International Quilt Study Center, Nebraska Lincoln.
Hope she"ll like it

Let me tell you about a weird thing that happened to me last week.
Maybe you remember me taling about CoreyAmaro and her blog TONGUE IN CHEEK.
I had spend an afternoon with quilting friends and embroiderers, who came for a fabric shopping tour in my area, and we sat down in a café, exhausted and i had a good look on what happened outside.
And look: thre was Corey and a friend just coming out of the Sacré Coeur gardens!
But it was already too late to run after them and say hello bla bla bla.
I left a message on her blog and yes , she confirmed being there at that very moment.
Go to her blog and see by yourself how she deals as an American women with life in France, her flair and elegance, her love for people and brocante;
I know i will meet her again, we're all tied together with invisible threads.........
A little less cold her now and next week will be a little warmer over all, i'm really longing for spring now.
Take care, Will V in Paris.
Last but not least, Lucy, QUILTING WITH THE PAST, has her stunning tulip quilt in the latest issue of QUILTMANIA.

mercredi 3 mars 2010

After a long wintersleep.........;

This quilt came home yesterday.
My quilts are sometimes adopted for a while by fellow quilters or just quiltlovers, but this one stayed for a couple of years in a french quiltshop in Bry sur Marne, at Patricia's FIL A LA PAT, as a support for selling her paperpiecing sheets.
All hand made, english paper piecing method, for a double bed.
Inspired by an antique dutch quilt, as the one i showed a while ago, and i started the same one with a red background, and smaller pieces.
The thing i love in paperpiecing is, that i can take it with me everywhere, while travelling or waiting for boring appointments, just have to carry a small box with me.

Claude L, a long time quilt relation gave me a bunch of remnants from one of her projects,
and i could make the amount of blocks for a single bed quilt.
Thank you Claude, all the string blocks were made with your little stash without losing a tread!
The intermediate four-patches came from my own stash, the turqoise fabric is an African batik.
I've put freezer paper on the bach of the string blocks, for easy proper sewing.

A recent junkshop trophee:
Vintage flowerpots and nasty olé olé angels.
The background is an utterly ugly kind of salmon pink, but i'm sure it is the good stuff for a fun quilt, yeah!

And here are the goodies Patricia gave me for using the hexagon quilt.
Thank you Patricia, it fits in perfectly with the kind of fabric i bought the last few months...........

I've been silent and lazy this winter: just reading blogs, and hardly sewing.
Winter was cold , dark and very long in my mind, but with the growing days and sunlight coming back i hope for more energy. I will be back very soon with my coming out as a shoe hoarder, i made pics of all of my shoes until my very first pair as a baby in 1946, i'm a real baby boomer!
My DS stayed with us for a week, and she took home 5 pairs, we have the same size and we LOVE good brands!
Do i share this dark side with other people??????????
Will V in Paris, take care you all!