mardi 3 mars 2009

This quilt is a pic from CALICO AND CHINTZ, my most cherished quiltbook.
My friend Christiane B. was in Washington DC at the Renwick Gallery, and brought me a copy from the book.
What's nicer than simple quilts?
The ones you would easily use everyday?
Of course, the more intricated patterns are fascinating too, but the escence of quilts are probably four patches and triangles...........
What's your point of view?

The pics of my shiny featherweight are especcially for Lucy in Haarlem. This one has a lovely story: i'm the second owner.I bought this machine from someone in the Netherlands,in nearly to mint condition. Servicing was recorded on the manual and i love to do piecing on this machine.
The lady who owned it before was the aunt of the seller, and she was described as a very talented seemstress.
The noise it makes while sewing is absolutely delicious, it's purring like a cat.
For the rough jobs i use a Bernina 1008, mechanic and very reliable too.

The bunch of fabric you see here was scored since last spring.
In fact, i hardly bought real quilt fabrics, just a few fat quarters.
We pay a random 18 euros a meter for american fabric, so guess the amount of money for a quilt!
I know i should support quiltshops here in France, but how long can we afford to do so?
I hope that some of you are interrested in a discussion about frugal quilting,i'm sure i'm not alone LOL!
Next thursday i'm invited for luch at a fellow quilter, Marie Claude T
I hope she allows me to take some pictures, her work is simply gorgeous. Will V in Paris, happy quilting ladies!

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Barbara a dit…

I live in Germany and quilt fabric is 18 euros here. I love going to my local quilt shop but I, like you, only buy fat quarters to add to fabrics from ordinary fabric shops. I use a lot of IKEA cotton, which is very reasonably priced (their cream, coffee or black muslin is only 3 euros a metre) - I end up with cream or white as background colours because these are always available cheaply. I want the quilt shops to survive but I cannot afford to make a complete quilt from high-priced fabrics.

Yuki a dit…

Wow, 18 euro a meter for quilty fabric?!? I was in Italy last year and bought some beautiful cottons for 80-120 euro a meter. It was beautiful for clothes, but too fragile for quilting.

I am in the process of cleaning out my sewing room. I'd be happy to send you some of my excess fabric if you are interested. Send me an email with your mailing address and I will send a box to you.

ttfn :) Yuki in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

Clare a dit…

I was bemoaning the prices the other day. I really don't know how quilters in Europe can afford to keep going. 17.50€ a meter for Moda Marbles and goodness knows what for a FQ!

I'm lucky in one way in that I live near a fabric warehouse. Ok so they don't sell quilting fabric as such, but the solids are 5€ a meter and some of the ginghams, plaids and cottons are ok. Does Reine have coupons and FQ's?

Lazy Gal Tonya a dit…

That is a marvelous quilt in the top pic - speaks to my heart as well. I'm also drawn to the simple shapes. Sometimes I like the more complex ones, but only if they are done liberated/folk arty so don't look all perfect. Fun stack of fabrics. I can see them all together in one quilt, except maybe the bright plaid - I'm a coward.

Anonyme a dit…

I have admired your published quilts for ages, congratulation for your blog too..
The price of quilt fabric in France is unfortunately expensive, and fine other fabrics are difficult to find. Your own way of using other fabrics helps us mixing up all we can afford. I wish you show all your quilts on line, it would be a festival for quilters !
Best wishes to Marie Claude, my beloved internet friend...

McIrish Annie a dit…

Your pink and blue quilt is magnifique! The blue fabric really makes it sing.

crissine a dit…

le sujet du tissu cher, est cher à mes yeux! Moi, je récupère énormémént dans les vide-grenier, la famille, les poubelles, etc. Mais j'achète également dans les salons, au marché Saint Pierre et dans les boutiques de patch. Ca s'empile et c'est merveilleux! et pour les formes simples, oh oui!!!! vive la simplicité et l'humour!
Viens donc sur mon tout nouveau blog ma Willouche "la crissine est au fond du jardin". A bientôt.

martine a dit…

Wat heb jij een beauty van een Singer. Doet me denken aan de oude handnaaimachine van mijn moeder. Die glom ook zo.
En stofjesprijzen?
Ik struin altijd internet af op zoek naar koopjes.

Lizzy Frizzfrock a dit…

Hello, I enjoyed visiting your blog. I did not realize how worldwide quilting is loved. I came to you via lazygirlquilting & enjoyed my visit. My husband & I were in Paris in December ... it was my first time. My favorite part of the visit was the Montmarte area. I think I may have passed by the store where you say you buy many things. It was getting late & we didn't stop in; now I wish I had. I am afraid getting back to Paris may become more & more difficult as I get older, but I did enjoy my stay short as it was.

Lucy a dit…

I love seeing your featherweight Will. They are so cute hè. Thank you for posting.

(I'm so far behind with reading blogs, going to read your other posts)