jeudi 28 mars 2013

Sunday bee

Meeting from our sunday bee at Monique's, see Sylvie and Michèle working on a Smithsonian quilt. They brought up boxes full of repro print in order to make exchanges. They make sweet and soft traditional blocks.

One more finished top, made from Dutch antique fabric: some Marken, a lot from Spakenburg among them mourning fabrics. All from out of the boxes, but i bought a bit of the red fabric at Den Haan en Wagenmakers, chosen with the help of Elsbeth and Nel. The red  looks fabulous girls, thanks a lot for the careful look you had on these blocks at the craftshow, even more as you had to deal with this nasty problem.......

I'm currently sewing courthousesteps from scratch, more news and pics in a while.
From a still cold Paris, 
Will V
Thank you so much for the lovely comments on the baskets and other tops, you've warmed my heart and last but not least DH values your opinion highly and has a big smile since then.......

samedi 23 mars 2013

Steps forward

on work hidden for long times in boxes and plastic bags: i finally finished the little baskets, and i know i wouldn't without the help of my friends. This felt like a never ending story, but it was on my list of ufo's for this year.
I like the finish of the two borders and evry fabric i used came from stash.
I preferred  the darker border, but i just had not enough of it.

The churn dash top is a different story: sixteen of the blocks  and antique turn of the century, and formed with the sashing a poorly sewn top . The browns of the sashing, a lovely fabric, was so week i could easily tear it . So no way to re-use it. Unsewing the blocks was a hell of a job because of the sewing thread the maker used. I've spend long long hours on it.
Then i made some new blocks of matching repro fabric and joined them all with a more sophisticated sashings.

This top is not me at all. It's something between Gee'sBend and Gwen Marston, made from a paperbag filled with strips , It still has to be framed, but  i think it will be nice when quilted. I just can't recognize myself in this top.....

Tadaaaa, this is what my husband painted when i asked him for a VERMEER....
It mesures only 7 by 9 cm, and it was difficult to find someone who could frame such a small painting.
I'm over the moon and told him i want a REMBRANDT for next year....
Take care you all fellowquilters, spring has still not sprung here, and cold is coming back.
I saw i had 200 followers since last week, i can't believe it.
Thank you for your interest in my quilts , i'm so happy to share and follow you too,
Will V in Paris