dimanche 22 décembre 2013

From a dull and rainy Paris

The Vidinic family wishes you a very merry Christmas and a happy start of 2014, a good health and peace on your mind.
Make beautiful quilts  and gather with friends , come and see us, quilters from Europe.
Tomorrow we reach the little ones in Normandy where we will be all together as Stojanka arrived from London one hour ago.
A storm may join us tomorrow, as a deep depression will come over Scotland to the Atlantic coast.
We'll wait and see, some piecing is prepared in the suitcase.

With the help from my quiltingbuddies i made 16 blocks and sixteen half blocks, in order to make a square quilt.
The original plan was to surround the lone stars with chrome yellows, but it ended up with dark browns and a zest of madders.
Ilike it that way but no decision made about sashings , or maybe just joining the blocks.

Just to show you the sashings for NI, i grabbed some blocks and layed them out and i like this too, very much.
I've never considered beige as an option.
Take care, more news next year.

samedi 14 décembre 2013

Ok, you're more than bored

with my shiny Featherweight and you want to see new things, exiting new quilts and blocks and stuff, i've got it all fellow quilters...
Take a look at this quillow, made by my friends A R, and believe it or not, it's 100 % cashmere, so warm and smooth..
She made it for her grandson and i hope he will cherish her gift.

I went to see my girls at their seaside and went out for a walk on a pale morning, the color of the sea was sort of greenish and i followed the horses for a while.
I had the beach all for myself and enjoy these moments as much as under the summersun.

I had promised to show you the progress on NI, Well here they are and only 5 more square blocks to make plus the triangles plus the 4 corners.
But now i have the following problem:
the Nearly Insane book does NOT mention the sizes for the sashings, or the red squares.
I now hope that one of my readers made that quilt too and can help me.

We had a Christmas party 2 days ago - sort of - and gathered people from the neighbourhood, how good to meet them in a friendly atmosphere and have a good drink and some food.

Yesterday Randy from California came to see me and brought these awesome gifts.
Randy, they are all so inspiring : I already have found an inspiring doll quilt in THE BLUE AND THE GREY, The brown strip from the scrapbag is so nice , and all the little pieces so inspiring...
Among the goodies you see the oiler burette from DRITZ: truly a wonderful thing and you can attend the hidden corners of your sewing machine with the help of the telescoping spout.
A great help for oiling my Elna grasshopper.

I leave you now at least for the weekend with a pic From C D's tree of life .
Drumroll please because she's doing a wonderful labor of love...
I feel a lot better after posting the latest news, warm greetings from Paris, a blue sky after 5 days of exessive air pollution.