jeudi 27 septembre 2012

The other sunny side of festival

is the meetings with other quilters and unexpected moments ,
Here's Colette, a very gifted quiltartist i meet regularly for more than 30 years now,
she's holding up an antique quilts from Judy, the owner of LABORS OF LOVE.
Judy comes with her husband to the Elsass every year, showing her quilts in an old house in the main street of Ste Marie.

And then we stumbled in to these girls: look at the one in red: you know her don't you?
It's SUPERGOOF, and we chatted for a moment, great fun....


Teresa Gai from Pinerolo in Italy and Dominique Husson from the Charente region.
Teresa won several prizes with her quilts.
Dominique organizes every two years a now famous exhibition of traditional quilts in BROUAGE, and you won't regret to attend this event.

On saturday we went to the beautiful town of Colmar,
and in the afternoon 
 to BLIENSCHWILLER, and visited the Sohler family, they sell their own wines.
We tasted them all, and went out slightly tipsy,
after visiting the cellar, with the huge barrels and the central pillar, sevaral hundred years old.
We went back to  our base, not empty handed of course.......
to prepare for the final party organised by Petra Prins ,and enjoyed a gorgeous meal, A ROASTED WILD BOAR and other delicous things.

A view from our secret hideaway

Isabelle from Quiltmania and Joes.

Carol Veillon, Petra Prins and Isabelle

An Moonen, the author of 3 books about antique Dutch quilts

Elsbeth and Nel from den Haan en Wagenmakers, and DI FORD from Australia between them.

Mary Koval, Joes and Carol

Nel and Judy

Some more quilts will be shown in the next post, even modern ones, some werevery nice.
Fall is here, definitely, but it's my favorite season.
Happy quilting ladies
Will V in Paris

samedi 22 septembre 2012


Behind glass, this little indigo boutis, for a newborn i suppose

What to say about this panel? or curtain?
Crossstich embroidery on a translucent support and i tell you, out of this world, sort of life-time work....

Boutis baby bibs and collars

A little girl's gown and crossed lace fichu, lace apron.
Behind on the left a boutis bedcover, on the right a piqué de Marseilles

Piqué de Marseilles, just for the lovely print

And outside the building we saw this car from Tchechia, well done.

The 4 last ones are piqués.
Tomorrow the first bee at the serial knitter-quilter embroiderer, oh my, sh's such a good cook....
Have e good weekend you all
Love from Paris, Will V


The white panel on the printed coverlet is a PETASSOUN, held under a baby sitting on his mother's legs, to prevend accidents...... It's a boutis, so 2 layers, stuffed and corded.
The printed coverlets are quilted.
The third picture is a chintz palampore, in good condition with some yellowish staining, very nice.

All the shown covers have vivid colors and light seem not to have altered the original condition

A lovely white boutis, but pictured under bad condtions.

A provençal costume with a quilted skirt

And a french provençal quilt, simple hourglasses.

vendredi 21 septembre 2012

The Michel Perrier collection

This was for me one of the absolute highlights:
Michel Perrier is a french textile collector who hunts the country side for local items.
Hard to call these quilts, the support is wool and the embroidery is wool too.
The various sizes make them more usable as wallhangings or even table runners, but all of them have a naive and rustic charm.
Some of them have been found in central France.
That's for today ladies , more to come.....