lundi 29 avril 2013

This is what i saw

early on wednesday morning in the fast train to Nantes after a sleepness night: just before arrival, the train is longing the river Loire, with some spectacular views.
While queing up to enter in the congresscenter, i admired the yarnbombing from local knitters, they truly did an awsome job.

I went to see the Jane's first. More than a hundred of Jane's, copies and more free versions, but all beautiful and think of the thousands and thousends of hours of meditation while sewing, hours of hapiness and sorrow and worries too....

People seemed to be over the moon and i was charmed by Betty Prins' red and pink Jane, sparkling and elegant

and happy to have mine hanging there too, but mine's just a clone . I've started mine in februari 1996, and finished in march 1998, so it's one of the oldest made in Europe .

Such pleasure to meet Di Ford again, and see her quilts, the careful sewing and the machine quilting too, a perfect match.
I've met some quilters who took a class with her, they were all very happy with her kind attention.
Hope to meet her again, she's  so cool and laid back.

Knitters and crocheters had taken over the back part of the main hall, but this is no longer my cup of tea since the girls are grown up, allthough i still admire their patience.

three quilts from An Moonen and Petra Prins new book, a must too.

A detail of a woolen quilt, from Minick and Simpson, all in blue , beige and grey, rustic and graphic, definitely my kind of quilts.
I'll be back tomorrow friends, more pics and a bit of socializing,
Will V in Paris, cold again....

mercredi 17 avril 2013

Progress on the fight against chaos

Thank you, thank you for the lovely comments on my latest postings, i assure you, i feel strengthened by so much support  and i spend lots of time on your blogs and follow you carefully...
I go on opening boxes and  take out piles of blocks, some forgotten for years, shame on me....

i've finished last weekend the pile of courthouse steps, 90 blocks, enough fot a top, i think it needs a border, if possible from stash.

Hey girls, do you recognize this? When we meet on th 23d, i'll bring it with me and you will love it, for sure.
Most of the blocks were made by my bee-friends, and sewing them together was a piece of cake.
10 inch blocks and i should have done this  LONG before......
Look at the lone star in the middle, such a little gem on ten inch only.
Also this time sashings and half squares from stash.

Pulling out all these UFO's isstressfull, but i have to go trough it and it's fun too.
Next week on wednesday morning i will leave for Nantes, see my Dear Jane hanging there and 99 other DJ's too.
Socializing will be a big part too and i will buy some books and fabric too, but only repro's, i'll show you what i bring back.
Will V in Paris, finally under a sunny sky.

mardi 2 avril 2013


Hope you all had a lovely easterweekend.
I did not move from home as the weather was still freezing cold, so all i did was sewing on these courthouse steps.
A frugal project, roughly 18 were waiting in a bag and i have now about 50.
Still 40 to go, i need 90 for a comfortable size plus border.
Each block masures 6 inches, and it's all in the fabric:
The dark ones are made from french aprons.
This kind of fabric was still available in incredible varieties when i came to Paris in 1970,but these are antique ones.
The light fabrics are pieces from men's shirts or remnants from quiltfabrics.
If i cannot find the borderfabric in my boxes, i will buy some.
It's boring boring to make the blocks, but i LOVE to see the pile growing.
Especcialy the dark fabrics are sturdy , but yet easy to sew.
More later, Will in Paris