lundi 30 septembre 2013

The Holstein collection

We went to Lièpvre, a part of the SMM festival, to see the Jonathan Holstein collection, seen in Parisin 1972.
I was pregnant of my eldest daughter then, and pretty lonesome too, far from family and friends, not knowing the place quilts would occupy for the rest of my life, yet totally fascinated, and the catalogue who was the base of my quiltlibrary finally autographed by Jonathan himself, who smiled when i told him the anecdote.
Take a look and enjoy, Will in Paris.
I'm back from a weekend in Normandy at Dominique, the serial embroiderer, stay tuned.....

lundi 23 septembre 2013

Fourth and last part

I've chosen to show you all of the pics i've taken from this incredible exhibition, and will i ever have a second chance to see them again?
All i can say is buy that book : they've sold a huge amount in SMM , and it may be well soon be out of print....
The quilts are not always perfectly well executed, but who cares? Some are a little wacky, but the women who made them certainly did not have the technical gadgets we're spoiled with nowadays.
The fabrics are so versatile and must have cost quite some money to the makers. 
I will pop in again soon with the Holstein quilts, untill then, happy quilting and enjoy the beauty of autumn.....