samedi 27 août 2011

progress on several quilts

Hello from Paris you all friends, i'm happy to show you the progress on tops i've started a long while ago.
I worked on the beach of Granville where we stayed four weeks in july, with Elisa.
The hexagons are made from french decoratorfabrcis and i put lots of Toiles in it.
The more of them, the more vibrant it becomes. The biggest part is done and the top will cover  a french double bed. I think that an embroidered border would be lovely, or some applique, but in the mean time i suppose that this can be a very time consuming solution.....

I am very happy with the little baskets, 3 inches each. You may remember that i didn't want to applique the handles and yes, i'm glad i choose the red ric rac, fun and so easy to appliqué.....
The third one is very different: lately i saw an antique quilt and fell instantly  in love with:
i made 50 blocks of 25 squares, 2 inches by2.
four of them in the middle of each outer row in off white shirting of conversation print and the one in the middle is RED, i mean RED girls. Don't do this by hand, it would be just never ending.
The intermediate blocks are from off white muslin of a very nice quality i found in my junk shop.
Most of the fabrics are repros of the civil war kind, from beige to dark brown, here and there some pinks, burgundy and dark brown.
Once more, easy peasy on the machine and the bold red in the middle seems to be Necessary.
The layout for the blocks was done one sheets of paper stocked in a pile, then i sewed in rows.

I can't tell you much about the vacation, but i must say this:
you know i'm not much telling about our private life, but on the 15 of July we lost our dear brother in law Henk B, who had a very important place in our lives, stood by us with my sister 42 years ago, when i introduced my future husband to my parents saying i would live in Paris and no longer in the Netherlands, leaving them scared and angry.
In his house was always room for strangers, refugees, homeless, old friends and traumatised cats.
His wife, daughters, sons in law, grandchildren and we will dearly miss him.
I promised another posting about the linenfestival, next time.
Take care, my thoughts go to the American coast, where people prepare for a scary meeting with IRENE.....