dimanche 30 août 2009

Back home after spending 4 weeks in the Cotentin, St. Martin de Bréhal and Granville.
As every year, we took Elisa with us, and we were so amazed to see how much energy a seven-year old girl can have and how important ephemere friendships can be!
Wheather was merely nice, with only one rainy day, a few rainspots every now and then, but lots of sun, it's Normandy after all..........

The second picture was taken on the day with the highest tide of the summer season, people came in crowds on the beach for mussels, oysters and other seafood,and local newspapers gave hints for them, asking to respect a minimum size and take a reasonable amount, just as much as you want to really eat and not more.

Elisa made some gray compositions with stones found on the beach.

Huge progress on the baskets made this summer and i really don't regret my decision made on the handles.
The red rick rack is cute on all the blocks.
I'm close to the final amount, maybe twenty something more to make.
My dear quilting friends helped to make the blocks, but i appliquéd the handles all by myself.

I also took the hexagons with me and made about a hundred during the vacation.
After the loss of the first center it took some time to start again.
My favorite season is coming, i'm longing for autumn days and evenings even more, ideas enough for more quilts.
I'm following your blogs with a lot of attention and appriciate your reactions and support.
Welcome to my new followers, happy quilting and i'll be back soon!
Will in Paris.