lundi 30 janvier 2012

Was it a good idea

to start a new top?
Of course not.... a mountain of other tops are waiting for quilting, but that's the way i am.
it's  inspired by an  antique Dutch quilt. Dark browns are very present, as well as some madders,  reds, a zest of blue, the lights work darker as on the original one. Ten blocks are ready now, ten more to go, then a very small border, about half an inch, not chosen yet, and an outer border.
Last sunday we stayed at Monique's, we look close to meditating here, quiet and sewing , but in fact we were boiling with plans and we decided to go to AMSTERDAM..... YES WE DID...
So in the beginning of March we will take the fast train and spend a weekend with Joes and Isabeau.
We 'll certainly go to Den Haan en W, and there is so much other exiting stuff to do...
Any suggestions from the Dutch quilters?
 The serial knitter-quilter who hates to be pictured , is working on some Japanese blocks, as delicious as ever, she was talking about starting a blog, and i tell you, she has incredible things to show us......
My teddy is showing you a gift from a dear friend, an embroidered needlebook, three oval felt pieces, hold together by a copper handle, just love it .

In ten days a major craftshow is coming to Paris, i will let you know about it.
The cold  is here for a week they say, but it's warm inside and i count my blessings...
Take care you all, Will V in Paris