mardi 25 février 2014

A visit from two Sylvie's

on a boring monday.
They should do this more often, we had a dangling afternoon , talking about daily stuff but more on quilting and knitting and a zest of crochet as you see.
Because one of the Sylvie's is the serial quilter-knitter-embroiderer and so much more.
She told us she collected the sweet wool from HABU in NY city....
And the other Sylvie fell in Love with recent Quiltbooks.

With their help i've chosen this fabric from Braquenié for the hexagons : it's from Braquenié , and it came from out of the boxes , i like it , elegant and delicate ,  balanced too....

Last but not least, thank you for the very interresting comments ont my last posting, my final choice will be a very small and clear sashing with probably a red corner square .
Marie Claude had a very important question ; DO I STILL FIND NICE FABRICS AT THE MAR
Yes , i do MC, and if the rue de Steinkerque is abandoned to ugly souvenirstores and made-in-china ,other fabricstores get more interresting , come and we'll go together.....
Hold on to quilting  my friends , untill later,
Will V in Paris

lundi 17 février 2014

QUILTERS: from Nantes and Amsterdam

 Renée from Nantes, Joes and Elsbeth Wallenburg from Amsterdam came to Paris for the craftshow, and we've spend the whole saturday at my home.
We had lunch , and after that i opened boxes, bags , more boxes and bags to show them quilts, finished or not, and piles and piles of tops , blocks , stuff....
Thereafter we went to the marché St. Pierre and i was happy to guide them and they found some true treasures and gems.
I was lazy for making pics, -i was feeding them and showed them my treasures LOL- but if you go to Elsbeth's blog, you will see some older work...

This could become the layout for the blocks i showed in my last post.
This Way? Small sashings? And if yes, any idea for the color?

Something very different ; this is the wall of a very derelict building in my street.
The wall art makes it at least intriguing: it changes often and i will be back with pics of the frequent changes/.changes,it'a protected areawith big problemsin the sub-soil, so it may take ages before something happens ,and it might collaps too