dimanche 6 octobre 2013

222 singer featherweight and a gansey

You didn't expect me to pop in so soon  didn't you?
DH went out for a walk and get some newspapers and croissants and called a few minutes later : if i knew a vide-grenier was going on on the boulevard  a few steps away from home.
No, i ignored, went out myself and met some friends  at the Abbesses, and then decided to take a look.
I soon saw this little gem and bought it: i have some 201es, but never found a 222, or for an astronomic price, and this one is close to mint condition friends , and look at the spare parts, the funny black rubber mat, apparently made for a featherweight, the usual spare parts and the embroidery hoop, for FW too and in the original box.
The owner took very good care of it all and the box is like new too.
When i made it run, it purred like a newborn baby cat.
I'm over the moon, as you can imagine.....

Not even a transformer needed, 220 volts on the machine....

This is out of topic, but there are certainly some knitters among my readers. This is a gansey from the channel islands from twined wool, a fisherman's pullover so to say.
There is much interest among Dutch knitters about this kind of pullovers and very recently a bookcame out about these items.
It's a small one and fits a boy of 4-5 years.
I paid 110 euros for the FW and 2 for the pullover, both are very good deals i admit.
Last but not least, thank you for the lovely comments on the SMM postings , on the blog of facebook, i value your answers very much.
From a sunny Paris, Will V, a happy quilter.

samedi 5 octobre 2013

Another weekend at the heavenly hide away in Normandy

The serial quilter knitter embroiderer is currently working on a winter quilt for her sister , so lovely with the appliquéd and embroidered snowflakes...
Take a closer look at the outer border, the elegance of the greyish fabric with the birds looks as if it was made for this quilt 

Here strats Dominique's very private domain and the stairs bring you to her atelier filled with tiny treasures from a bygone aera.

Sylvie brought some quiltwork with her.

Cooking is a big deal when we meet, vive la France LOL

We had most of the meals in the garden  and did some shopping in the neighbourhood.

If you pass by Beuvron an Auge, don't miss the chocolaterie BRADFER, he makes the chocolates himself and opens on friday, saturday and sunday.

Seafood is a tradition now, we went to Trouville for langoustines, shrimps and more.
We love to drink a Tariquet, a white wine, perhaps a little too sweet for seafood, but much appreciated by the ladies.
Enjoy your weekend, i will show you soon some recent works,
Will V In Paris