jeudi 10 novembre 2011

Hexies in Quiltmania:

What a surprise when i went this morning to my bookshop and saw they had received QM.
Heart beats and sweating i opened the issue and saw that once again they've treated me so well.
The quilt is beautifully pictered by Guy Yoyotte and girls, you can start straight away because all the explanations are available. The paper hexagons are from
Isn't this a lovely reward for all the hours working on the quilt?
I managed to make three more nearly insane blocks and approach the easier ones.......
Greetings from Paris, with this piece of wall art, LOUISE MICHEL, a french feminist and anarchist during the Commune of Paris, long years in jail.
Found on a wall rue Lepic and rue Véron, just on the corner.
The fact that my sister died only a few days before the Quiltmania appeared and was longing to see it as much as i did, just breaks my heart....
Take care you all and happy quilting, Will V

jeudi 3 novembre 2011

Back home

A few weeks ago a had a meeting with Randy D, my quilting friend from California. After  a lunch rue des Abbesses, we went to my home and pulled out the latest ufo's and fabrics. I adore this kind of reunions, i'm fascinated by other quilter's points of view on technics, whatever. Randy comes about twice a year to Paris with her husband,lucky Randy, wish i could go to the US only once more .....who knows,......... 
In the last period i made progress on  NEARLY INSANE .
I do the most intricated and tricky ones first, i tell you, one some ones i worked several days.
QuiltBook one helps me greatly to choose the fabrics.
All the blocks are shown in this book.
While in the Netherlands after the sudden death of my beloved sister, i digged into family history with her daughters, finding 2 photo albums.The first is my great aunt Hendrina, her husband went to the US to found a family with better future, but he became so homesick that he returned back.
The second one was my grandma as a newly wed, she was the one who taught me sewing and knitting, she was adorable and always found time for me as we all lived in the same house.
She died when i was sixteen.
Thank you for  all the messages, on the blog or mail , letters and phonecalls.
We felt surrounded with love, her daughters gave her a beautiful funeral and promised us we haven't lost a home in Holland......
Take care you all, warm greeting from Will V