mardi 25 mai 2010

TONYA made my day!

A sunday at Dominique, do you remember her sewingroom,

This is the serial knitter's fancy sewing case!
She is a serial crocheter at the moment, Quilting's a bit abandoned !

Anne Marie is quilting her copy of an english quilt you can see at the VandA until the end of June,
and also explained in Kaffe Fassett's MUSEUM QUILTS.
I'm tempted to make one with fabrics from Den Haan En Wagenmakers.

Back to the hexies.
I made quite some progress, and i work on this quilt every day for a few hours at the moment.

Did i talk about the size of a flower?
Maybe the best way to show is showing it on my hand.........

Last sunday and monday too the Champs Elysées were closed for traffic, an incredible experience!
Weird to HEAR people talk and walk where normally have traffic make the noise nearly unbearable!
There were plants to see, and vegetables, and fruits and seeds and trees, even cows.
We were there early in the morning, but half an hour after the opening the heat was on and the crowd very very dense,
People moved slowly and everyone appriciated the silence....

Look what i found in my mailbox this morning:
Tonya, LAZY GAL, spoiled me with fabric and GWEN MARSTON's Abstract quilts in solids, AND fabrics!
Most of them will be used straight away for the hexies.
Thank you Ton!
I adore and take care in Florida!

dimanche 9 mai 2010

Léa Stansal in Nantes, more antique quilts and Sue Spargo

Lea Stansal has a very personal approach of a combination between quilting and ribbon embroidery.
She is the author of three book and i'm sure she is secretly working on a new one.
Her skills of embroidery is incredible and her classes are always fully booked and there is a waiting list.
Lea travels whenever she can , went sevaral times to Istanbul and the US.
She found it difficult to be a teenager:very early she was attraced by fashion, politics, filosophy and decorative arts.
She tells in her first book: i went with my father to one of his wholesalers and asked for a brown woolen fabric...........
" But that's not fancy for a young lady" the two guys said .She insisted and went home with her dark brown woolen.
A few days later the wholesaler called her dad saying she was a real trendsetter, all of a sudden browns
were much sought after, could she read in a crystal ball?
"My family insisted to marry me" she tells.
Finally she enters a graphic school and then meets her husband , the painterPierre Desson.

LE MONDE DE LEA is her first book, and also the one i prefer.

The next four antique quilts are from the QUILTMANIA collection

Sue Spargo was able to come to Nantes personnally: one of her book came out in french, with nice photos of her personal world.
I love the fabric choice: woolens, and the bright colors.

This one lay on the ground, like a floorcloth.

The pics are over exposed, too much light came in from the high windows.
Soon more!

mardi 4 mai 2010

Nantes and a week with the princess

Back to Nantes for POUR L'AMOUR DU FIL:
I just had to go back there after last year's first edition:
it's the easy peasy thing when you live in Paris, only 2 and a half hour with the TGV, and the convention center is just a few steps away from the railway station.
The sad thing was, that many people could not come because of the Iceland cloud, so i missed Mary Koval, Sarah Fielke, The Japanese quilters and many others.
This is Mary Kovals booth, empty, but Petra Prins and her helpers took good care of it.

Many unquilted tops to discover in Jane Lury's booth.
I want to copy these quilts!

I don't know the name of this block, should i say Lady of the Lake variation?
The quilting was very intricate, the condition excellent.

My favorite one, high on the list of soon to do..........

The one on the left, with the greens, is an english quilt.

Jane and her husband are holding up the quilt that was bought by a friend.
Very sweet and i am tepted to make this one also.

Here is a part of the Morrell quilt that came all the way from Australia.
It hung in Petra Prins' booth and she sells patterns and fabrics as a BOM.
I never saw before such a perfect machine quilting, so regular, so well balanced.

Petra Nel and Elsbeth, ready for four hectic days.

Another Morrell block

And one more!

The entire Morrell quilt, or nearly

Elisa came to Paris for a week, she's nearly 8 already and is now fond of horse riding and swimming.
We spend 4 hours a day in the swimming pool next door, and i worked on the hexies.
Astonishing how much energy kids of that age can have!

We celebrated DH' birthday in our favorite Italian restaurant
AL CARATELLO, crowded all the time, and good food and drinks.
Take care you all, keep quilting.
I'll be back soon with more stuff from Nantes.
Will V in Paris, chilly and windy today.