mercredi 29 septembre 2010

Ste Marie again

We saw this the very last morning on the way down from the hill where we stay: not the best moment, nostalgis, because we know we have to wait for another year to come back, see the beautiful surroundings just waking up and open the doors in pijama's, an enormous breakfast waiting for us an NO dishes to wash.
Evelyne and Jean spoil us in a scandalous way and we drink a gewurztraminer spatlase before EVERY dinner......

Two more pieces from the Korean expo, they have such a know how, that even i, preferring far more traditionnal and antique quilts, have a deep respect for their artistry.

A crib sized straight furrow log cabin,mostly wool challis and etamine, just darling,
who would not like to have such a sweetie on the wall?

An antique honey comb quilt from Joe and Mary Koval, sold and gone, just time to take a pic...

An amish straight fuurow, bedsize, much look alike the other one i realize, wool challis.

In Joe and Mary's booth, from left to right: Anne Marie, Randy Danto from California, me and Valerie, she's a blogger and proffessional machine quilter, her blog is called JOURNEY OF A QUILT LOVER, go and see her.

Such a pity i couldn't take a pic of the entire quilt: there was such a crowd in front.. So many lovely details to see, the maker is Japanese, a fairy tale, really.

And my quilt hung there too,just plain pleasure to see the whole quilt in good conditions.
Will be back soon, there is more,
Will V in Paris

lundi 27 septembre 2010

I just

couldn't wait to show you : the little quilt with the antique fabrics,
it measures 21 by 21 inches, 55 by 55 cm
The houses made by hand, the borders and sashings by machine, pure fun.
I'm running strait away to my Carrefour grocery to put a decent meal on the table tonight.
Tomorrow boring stuff to do, but a new posting will brighten up the day.
Will V

Back home

Lots to show you after ten days off to the Netherlands and the Elsass: there were beautiful Korean textiles to be seen, and also Miao costumes,the pojagis were sparkling of colors and seemed featherlight.
Small sizes, and i wonder what is the use of these items?
Maybe just to wrap up something, quite mysterious.

I spend onde day with my Dutch friends in the country side, and as the villages are very crowded in the wine region, we also went away from the madding
crowd, where we saw things like this: the fairy tale houses, the doors, the incredible use of colours, reds ,blues ,purple, quilted façades, a feast for the eye...

The gargoyle is a special greeting for TONYA ( Lazy gal this is a metal one Ton, gargoyles are mostly made of stone

You will hardly see a house there without flowers, mention the woodcarving on the corner, sadly i didn't make a pic of the detail...

We went to a brocante in Illkirchen on sundaymorning and i found this jersey pottery: apiece i would have payed at least 4 times as much as in Normandy,
i also saw some Quimper pottery for a very reasonable price;

The small pieces of fabric are destinated for a little doll quilt.
I bought them at MARY and JOE KOVAL, the kindest quilt dealers on the whole Planet.
I thought i would find my inspiration in my books, but nope, i made houses of it, sweet sweet sweet.
So, if you need help for reparing an antique quilt for example, go and see Joe and Mary, sure they will help you out.
The bigger piece with green and pink is just enough for the backing,that means that the little quilt is entirely made of antique fabric.
Come and see me tomorrow for a pic of the little top, and more from the Elsass.
Will V in Paris, chilly today

Another recent junkshop find: a velvet little vest for a child, embroidered with glitters.
Anyone there who has an idea about where this comes from?
Eastern Europe?
Maybe Hungary?

mercredi 8 septembre 2010

A broken harddrive

Kept me away from blogging , but also a long vacation in Granville, with her.
She's eight and a half now, and i tell you, she's able to stay for more then 4 hours in the sea....
That means that you have to keep your eyes wide open all the time, but what a joy to do so....
No need to say we were exhausted and went to bed early.

Some piccs from Granville, in the St. Michel's bay.
Wheather was from gorgeous to correct for the more than 3 weeks stay, few rain or strong wind.

An entry in the neighbourhood with some quilt inspiration from a concrete tile floor: these floors can be seen in many old buildings , and the tile mitifs are endless, i've seen many many of them, but i do not always carry my camera with me.....

A thing i did during the vacation was taking care of Elisa's clothes, and repair some of them like this little cardigan, some liberty fabric and a bracelet with the leftover and 3 buttons.....
She's very girly,and likes to be dressed up.

The biggest job was done for the eight pointed strars: the last will be to put everything together.
I think this will be a spectecular quilt from a technical point of view, i'm glad i gave it a scrappy look by taking several greens , reds and blues.

These are the leftovers, amazing .
I've cut he exact amount as mentioned on the pattern, and it turned out is was FAR TOO MUCH.
It's not a drama though, and it will probably end up as four patches or nine patches.

The reason you'll have to wait for the reportage about the linen festival is because i'm leaving tomorrow morning for a little trip to the Netherlands.
I will stay at my sister's, and we may go to the Dutch Quilters Guild exhibition in Deventer.
From there i'll go to Amsterdam to see my quilting buddiesand go to the Elsass to Ste Marie aux Mines for the yearly quilt festival over there.
I'm exited, i have not be out on my own for quite a while.
I've missed you dearly when my computer was out of order, but a whizkid from the neighbourhood helped to transfer stuff from the old hardrive on the new, so a have my bookmarks back.....
Definitely not a job for elder ladies.......
Will in Paris, take care.