mardi 7 avril 2009

Two tops today:
i had a subscription for several years for swatches from Vintage and Vogue,and it was fun to receive every now and the a big global priority pouch filled with little squares.
This one is really simple: just two squares, right sides together, sewn diagonally, and cut.
The main interest is in the border, the lovely swirl, a red-brown and the mustard yellow from the bigger border.
The more quilts i see, the more i love the very simmple ones...........

So different!
The background fabric was made from a duvet cover, old fabric but in good condition.
The rest is made from old ladies aprons, gathered mostly on fleamarkets and thriftshops.
I have now a random 20 years experience with making quilts from old fabric, and i can tell you that this stuff is a LOT LESS fading than regular quiltfabric.

Dh is holding up the tops, sorry for the mess around, i should at least have put away the ironing board, LOL

Concerning the war against clutter:
i made progress.
Looked for the very last time at clippings an magazines i had not looked in for at least ten years, filed newer ones, did a lot of cleaning and, the best of it: i did a lot of PAPERWORK.
And I HATE that, procrastination is one of my darker sides.
But tonight i will indulge myself with some Ben and Jerry's and working the hexagons.
Leaving you for now, a big plastic bag is waiting to be filled and will leave the house
Will in Paris

8 commentaires:

Janet a dit…

What a wonderful quilt the first one is and the border is just fantastic, I love it. The second top is beautiful too, that's a great block.

Karen a dit…

Love your squares. Simplicity is wonderful!

una quilter a dit…

Your work is just lovely. I enjoy visiting your blog so much! The squares must have been a lot of fun to make - the border is a good frame! I bet the ladies that wore the aprons would have appreciated your use of their everyday garments - making them into a beautiful quilt! Love the block.

Greetings from Una in Norway

anne-marie L a dit…

Hello Will
I would like to know if your blue quilt is made by hand or by machine.
I love this color . When I began the patch the first one was blue.

Clare a dit…

I don't know if I've told you, but there is a brocante near us which, in these hard times, is my life saver. I've got some fantastic plaids there which, in a preivous life, were table clothes, kitchen curtains and similar. Very soft and long lasting and brilliant to sew!

Lazy Gal Tonya a dit…

so happy to see your assorted textile quilt with the apron/workshirt etc fabric. love love love that quilt.

Banaghaisge a dit…

I DO like the triangles! What is Vintage and Vogue? Is there a link for them? Getting bags of bits in themail sounds like a lovely idea!
And the red ricrac basket handles are fabulous, they look really old fashioned and comfortable.

Fabric Fanatic a dit…

I love the border fabric! All the quilts are lovely.