samedi 3 octobre 2009

A war time bag and the other swedish quilts

This is out of topic, but such a significant sample of frech elegance and frivolité:
imagine this bag was designed in 1940, wartime, german soldiers all over town and money, food, were certainly already scarce.
Who was the person who could afford such a bag?
Was it designed especcially for her?
I cannot imagine this was produced in series.......
Craftsmanship from a bygone ere.
Oh, i forgot, i saw it in the shop window of LANCEL, place de l'Opéra.

Here is the last part of the swedish quilts, warm covers for hard times.
Tomorrow i'll take you to an antique dealer in Chatenois, a few miles away from Ste Marie, who sells items from the Elsass mainly.
Love to all, Will V in Paris

2 commentaires:

AdyQuilts a dit…

Beautiful! Thank you for showing us these quilts. One of these days I'll go to Ste. Marie...

willy a dit…

Wat zijn ze prachtig. Fijn dat je ze van zo dichtbij hebt kunnen bewonderen. Ik heb het boek van je zus mogen lenen. Ook een feestje.