mardi 6 octobre 2009

Ste Marie again and progress on the hexies

Elisabeth Madzar is born french, but followed the love of her life to Istanbul where she started a quiltgroup with Turkish ladies, who uses only antique fabrics like silks, brocades velvet, etc.
She came with her group to Ste Marie to show a part of their quilts and some costumes.
the central panel you see her was made from velvet and silver thread embroidery.
Notice the sculpted border:
under the, let me call it clover leafs, are paperpieces.
Elisabeth told me that this piece needs constant repair and care.
The quilts are huge, very ornamental and oriental of course.
Stunning, but not the kind of quilt you could sleep under!

Here are the hexies and you can clearly see the center part surrounded.
I still have a big bunch of red hexagons, but i will quickly run out of flowers so it will take some time before you will see an update.
It's fun to do, but i want to work in the same time on quicker projects.
I forgot to tell you that the coin you see next to a beige flower in one of my former posts is a one euro coin.

There is more left of the trip to SteM so see you tomorrow!
Will in Paris, finally autumn in the air..........

5 commentaires:

Vivian a dit…

I'm a first time visitor to your blog, and I'm so glad I stopped by for a visit. You've shared some amazing, extraordinary quilts. It was a joy seeing the variety.
I especially enjoyed the traditional quilts at the shows you visited, so similar to the traditional ones I love here.
I read through many of your older posts. You have more patience than I with your hexagon work, and the little baskets with red rickrack handles are adorable.
I'll be back.

Una a dit…

What a treat it has been to virtually walk in your footsteps at the exhibitions. Your hexagons are wonderful! What a masterpiece it will be!! Take care. Una

Deborah a dit…

love your hexagons. just discovered your blog and am enjoying it

Rose Marie a dit…

Your hexagon quilt is intriguing .... what wonderful quilts and costumes that you showed!

Ann Champion a dit…

I just found your blog. Thanks for sharing the wonderful old quilts!
Your hexagon quilt is looking first quilt was a hexagon quilt. :)