vendredi 2 octobre 2009

Ste Marie aux Mines

First part of the swedish quilts.
I was moved to tears when i saw these beautiful and rustic quilts hanging in a church where they fitted in in a perfect way.
Some were woolens, others cottons and some velvet or cotton sateen.
It was clear that the quilts were made with fabric available and definitely not purchased for quilting.
Asa Wettre, the author of the book OLD SWEDISH QUILTS and curator of the exhibition was present and gave precious information.
I had two copies of her book, i lost the fist one , don't know where or how, and the second never came home after lending it.
The english version is now out of print, and expensive second hand.
More tomorrow, i took a pic of ALL the swedish quilts.

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crazypatch dreamer a dit…

Thank you for sharing those quilts...they are so simple, yet beautiful. Was the exhibit in Paris?
I also have the book...I'll have to sit down and look at it again.