lundi 5 octobre 2009

quilts from BROUAGE in Ste Marie

These smiling faces are Dominique Husson and Ghislaine from Brittany.
Dominique organises every two years a quiltshow in Brouage, a stunning little fortress town in the Charente region.
Untill now she has managed to gather the top of traditional quilts in France, next show will be in two years around May-June.
Ghislaine makes stunning appliqué's, but had no quilt hanging here.
One of them baught this antique top during the festival.
I wish you could see the craftmanship of these quilts for yourself,
i was more than impressed !

The Brouage quiltshow is the only important one in France that shows exclusively traditional quilts.

See you tomorrow for the next part, Will V in rainy and cloudy Paris.

6 commentaires:

susi a dit…

thanks so much for the pictures of those wonderful quilts,i love traditional quilts very much,have a nice day ,susi

Kathie a dit…

so many beautiful quilts and the hand quilting is just amazing. thank you so much for sharing these pictures with us. What a wonderful show, wish I could have been there too.
I really appreciate it you sharing these quilts with us.

Janet a dit…

Every single quilt is a beauty, I love them all, especially the botanical reproduction. It's so wonderful to see the hand quilting up close. Thank you from wet and cloudy Sydney.

martine a dit…

Leuk dat je zoveel detail foto's hebt gemaakt.
Het zijn prachtige quilts.

Cathy a dit…

Oh Wow, these quilts are stunning. I love the hand quilting on that applique quilt. Thanks for sharing these xo

Clare a dit…

Will - those quilts are wonderful. I love the flying geese one.

I didn't know this quilt show existed. The Charente is the next département up from us. Definitely a date for the diary in 2011.