dimanche 4 octobre 2009

Saturday morning we left early for a trip in the neighbourhood of Ste Marie:
Ribauvillé and Chatenois.
We went to see antique dealers specialised in KELSCH.
Kelsch is the homespun fabric for bedlinens, it's either blue and white or red and white, more rarely some yellow in it, or red and blue.
Once the decorating magazines started talking about this kind of fabric, prices have risen and risen and are sky high now.
I'm collecting this fabric since many years and have some valuable items, but can no longer afford to buy more.
In the middle of the picture you see Isabeau R, who's house and atelier is featured in the latest issue of Quiltmania. The other girls are embroiderers, we all stayed at the same spot and had much fun.

The kind of architecture from the Elsass.

The rest of the pictures are taken at the antique dealer in Chatenois, main street.
Look ate the yummy cupboards filled with treasures!

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willy a dit…

Een heerlijke omgeving ook voor zo'n prachtige tentoonstelling.
Wat een inspiratie.
Groetjes Willy

ps Kom je nog deze kant op binnenkort?