jeudi 8 octobre 2009

Miscellenious from Ste Marie

Som redwork from the Elsass in a small show about antique haberdashery and embroidery

The next pics were taken through glass, so the quality of the pics is not what i wanted, bit frustrating.

A beaded purse

This was gorgeous, how many ohours did she spend on making this?!?!?

Yoko's little helper, Yoko Saito and Isabelle from Quiltmania in Yoko's stand.

A part of a Dutch quilt, entirely made from Den Haan en Wagenmakers' fabric.

This is Willyne Hammerstein's quilt, all her quilts are very colorful, and the dark border very intriguing.

Elbeth and Nel in the Den Haan en Wagenmaker's stand.
DHEW is now a department of Petra Prins.

A costume from Hungary, heavy embroidery, a feast for the eye.

Some dresses from Southeast Asia, i forgot to mention where it came from.

Still more to show you, so let's say see you tomorrow.
Will V. in Paris

4 commentaires:

Janet a dit…

It all looks so wonderful and the redwork is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing the photos.

willy a dit…

Will, dank je wel voor alle mooie foto's.

crazypatch dreamer a dit…

Thank you for sharing the photos. It's all beautiful. Louise

pascale a dit…

New free models of embroidery every day