samedi 2 mai 2009

Passage Pommeraye in Nantes:
certainly the most caracteristic spot in this town.
It goes from one street to another, but as there is a big difference in the levels, you take the stairs.
( oh my, this is broken english i'm afraid...........)
The glass ceilings guarantee the daylight, dark wooden floors and the cast iron details make a unique atmosphere.
Small shops are all around and it is in the heart of town.

On saturday morning i've been with Joelle to a little fleamarket, place Viarmes.
We met these ladies at the Congress Center, they were digging in ols white linens and lace remnants.

This was sooooooooooooooo cute!
It's one of Yoko Saito's quilts, darling little hedgehogs playing around.
Unfortunately difficult to picture.

A little house, framed, made by a Japanese artist.

Two pictures from Joe and Mary Kovals booth.
I think they have a wonderful flair for antique quilts, and always giving you their time and kind explanations, allthough they must have been tired and fighting against jetlag.

Next post will be the very last one on Nantes, it's time to switch one something new i think.
If you have some time left over for lurking on blogs, go to Corey Amaro's TONGUE IN CHEEK.
She is American, and lives with her French husband in the south of France. She is passionated by antiques and talks about living in France like nobody else. Go and see her, you won't regret it!
All of you, have a nice weekend, Will V in Paris.

5 commentaires:

Colette a dit… en plus, tu es trés douée pour la photo !!

martine a dit…

Geweldige tentoonstelling moet dit geweest zijn en Nantes ziet er uit als een prachtige stad.

Janet a dit…

Thank you for the photos, the wonderful architecture, the hedgehog and antique quilts are all so interesting.

Lazy Gal Tonya a dit…

beautiful pics. I wish I could have been there too.

Clare a dit…

I've never been to Nantes. After looking at your photos I think I'm going to have to. Love the arcade.