lundi 11 mai 2009

This quilt came home lately after a long stay at a friend.
The story behind is a little special: as i worked for long years in a Paris' quiltshop, i had the opportunity, while staying at Houston Quiltfestival, to go to Market and assist my boss when she chose the new fabric collections.
Then David Peha asked me to make a quilt for the next market with Roberta Hortons fabric collections.
I really enjoyed this and was amazed he trusted me to that point, allthough he had never seen a single quilt of mine!
I could chose whatever i wanted and this came out.

Roberta Horton then chose the quilt for her book SCRAP QUILTS, the art of making do, and thereafter AQS decided to make gift wrap paper with it.
It was a lovely adventure for me and a nice souvenir from Quilt Festivan 1995.

You might think this is the block, but no, only the quarter part of it is!
RH called it a lend and borrow.

Yesterday DH and i went to a vide grenier ( empty your attic) in the 19th.
It was a very poor one filled with a sad kind of junk.
Not a single piece of interresting kind of fabric or some buttons,
But all of a sudden i saw this:
an ARABIA RUSKA fire proof porcelain casserole.
I payed 3 euros for it, a misery.
The thing is that when i came to Paris in 1970, a had a nearly complete service of this, but you can imagine that after all those years...........
And even last week i broke a little plate among the leftovers, so i'm more than happy.

Progress on the little hexagons,
this week i will make only hand piecing, no sewing machine on my table.
Weather is grey and sad here, and will stay so for the rest of the week.
Happy quilting ladies, and welcome to my new followers,
Will V in Paris

A little doll quilt, machine pieced and machine quilted.

15 commentaires:

Ariane a dit…

I love the big scappy quilt it's beautiful. I also love the little doll quilt. Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to see the progress on your hexagon quilt.

Sew Many Ways... a dit…

This is such a lovely quilt and a great story to go with it. I have borrowed that quilt book from our library, it's wonderful. I just love all your hexagons too...they are perfect to sew on a gray day.

una quilter a dit…

What a lovely story! The book was one of my first quilting books. RH writes wonderfully - I learned a lot. So much so that a few years ago I lent it to a good friend who wants to learn how to quilt. I will have to get it back now though! I remember your quilt well. Your doll quilt and your hexagons are lovely! Una

Karen a dit…

Wonderful quilts and I love the tiny hexagons.

Anonyme a dit…

Wonderful scrap quilt ! I have already admired it in Roberta Horton's book !

Kathie a dit…

so interesting I LOVE that wrapping paper and have bought it a few times!
One of my favorite books too!
Love your little quilt, beautiful fabrics

Stina a dit…

Love it... its beautiful... love both the fabrics and the pattern...
Cute little miniquilt.. good luck with the hexagons..:o)

Janet a dit…

I love all your quilts but this one is famous! I love the doll quilt, it looks antique.

Clare a dit…

This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing its story.

Vide greniers are dreadful. I've neevr seen such tat! Mostly baby clothes and plastic toys, with the occasional bargain. Not even the buttons are any good these days!

Lazy Gal Tonya a dit…

so fun to see this quilt again and read the story. Scrap Quilts is definitely one of my favorite books. That weather sounds dreadful, hope you get some sun soon.

julieQ a dit…

My local library has Roberta's book and I have checked it out several times. Lovely quilts all! I too am working on a long term Hex project.

Karen a dit…

I have the Roberta Horton book and have always loved that scrappy quilt!

KathieB a dit…

Hello from Wisconsin! I love that particular Roberta Horton book--she does scrappy so well. Your quilt is gorgeous too!

And the Arabia casserole--I have a set of the Blue Anemone pattern which is the same body, only blue and white. Many times over the years I've regretted not choosing the Ruska, but I do like what I have too.

Sharon a dit…

How wonderful to "hear" the story behind that quilt! I've always loved that quilt - I have both the book AND the wrapping paper. It's beautiful and one of my favorites.

Your little doll quilt is very charming!

YankeeQuilter a dit…

Beautiful quilt! Hexagons are great to have handy for those quick hand-sewing moments!