mercredi 29 avril 2009

Some more Nantes?Here we go!

A chair from Kaffe Fasset's stand, entirely embroidered.
I didn't dare to ask him how many hours he spend on making this chair, he might have had a little helper maybe............

The pullover had lots of quilty details, stunning result, but i cannot imagine to wear this.

Kaffe and Brandon Mably. Brandon is a cool guy, willing to explain, it was nice talking to him.

With Alma Allen and Barb Adams, sweeties, really.
Their stand was filled with quilts and embroideries, and the look allover was so cosy and country, crowded all the time.

A little pincushion from Barb and Alma.

The next four pictures were from Den Haan en Wagenmakers,Dutch antiques collectors as well as fabric designers, but i suppose that most of you know their story.

A beautiful antique appliqué in the exhibition area from Joe and Mary Koval.

Claude Leguenn and Kim, her assistant on the booth.
Claude is specialised in antique haberdashery, and has a lovely shop in Dinan, Brittany.
The shop is called FLEUR DE LIN ET BOUTON D'OR, she has a website and her knowledge of the subject is endless!

This is what we saw while entering the congress center, mouthwatering.

Petra Prins talking to Nel and Karen Witt, on Petra's booth.

I have more to show you about Nantes, in the Next few days, and thank you for the lovely comments and encouragements.
Will V in Paris, chilly and cloudy.

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Kathryn a dit…

It looks like a lovely show. If you know of any shows in Sept-Dec, please let me know. I'll be living in Maastricht during those months. Many thanks.

Janet a dit…

Thanks for sharing these photos, It looks like it was fun to be there.

debbie a dit…

HEllo Will,
I wanted to thank you for the window shopping I enjoyed with my morning coffee. It was lovely and didn't cost me a penny! :c)
On your previous post I saw a picture of the shirting fabrics you had recently purchased. I would love to know the manufacturer and any other information you could give me on the pinwheel fabric. My quilt guild is making pinwheel blocks and i think it would be fun to be able to use that fabric. Please email the info if you can.
Thanks so much for your lovely blog. I do enjoy world travel from my computer, since I can't afford it in real life.

Karen a dit…

Lots of goodies! Very inspiring.

Colette a dit…

Alors là, chapeau pour tes dons de reporter...
Tes photos sont magnifiques, les sujets bien choisis, les anecdotes sympas...enfin bref, de quoi me faire regretter de n'y être pas allée...Vite, la suite !!

Debby a dit…

ZO, jij hebt een heleboel bekende mensen ontmoet! En toevallig de mensen die ik ook bewonder. Heb je al gehoord over Koninginnedag?

Groetjes Debby

Sew Many Ways... a dit…

I wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting my blog. I'm so glad I found yours, because it is wonderful and I've become a follower. Your pictures are lovely...thanks for sharing.
Have a great weekend,

handmade a dit…

Very nice pictures from nantes Thanks for Charing and You re Dare Jane is beautifull !!!!

Claude a dit…

Merci Will de faire revivre ces moments de bonheur et notamment la qualité des oeuvres d'artistes exposant au sous-sol

Hedgehog a dit…

Love the hedgehog!!

Annelies a dit…

Thank you for all those beautiful pictures !