lundi 4 mai 2009

Two antique quilts i saw in Nantes:
crazy blocks with a more intricated center, i just regret i did not take more detail pics. i think it's also a good project for a group quilt, with the crazy block nobody can't go wrong.
Then let the best quilter of the group make the center, LOL

A star of Bethlehem, i made one too , long ago.
Will show you one of these days.

Vive la France!
We had a gathering at Sylvie G's, she lives outside Paris , has a real garden and we all love to go there, and most of the time we also go to a fleamarket.
I bought buttons this time, for a snip and when back home i separated the mother-of-pearl buttons from the rest.
As you see at the pic, there were quite a lot of them.

This is my friend Gérard Lemire, a joiner who lives in the neighbourhood.
He directed me to Mr. Lopez, who brilliantly restored my found chair, you see below.
The reason i present you these two guys is that there are less and less artisans in town.
They have a hard time to find affordable workshops, and as soon as one closes, it is replaced by trendy garment brands, small restaurants,chinese take aways, you name it!

So hoorah for these unsung heroes, who do a wonderful job!

I went to a fleamarket last sunday and found this:
black fabric with a zest of purple for grannies aprons, no longer made.
I payed 15 euros for it, not exactly cheap, but very hard to find and never used.
Allover 2 yards i think.
I appriciated your comments, you'll hear from me soon, tomorrow i will meet some good quilting friends.
Will V in Paris

My lovely chair, i had to walk a few miles with, but it was worth to suffer a bit!

6 commentaires:

Kathie a dit…

oh the chair looks beautiful.
great blacks they are hard to find here too. I love the quilt with the scrappy blocks, would love to see the red and green applique quilt to the right of it, did you take a picture of that one you would be willing to share too!
What a wonderful exhibit of quilts.

pretty buttons too, do you collect buttons?

I agree we need to support these small artists when we can, I hate seeing them go out of business due to high rents.

martine a dit…

Wat een prachtige stofjes heb je gevonden.
Ze kunnen zo uit Spakenburg of Staphorst komen.

Janet a dit…

I love looking at the old quilts. The crazy one is great with the sashing to control it. The chair is wonderful, it is sad that these artisans are few and far between and it's hard for them to make a living.

Lazy Gal Tonya a dit…

that new fabric is gorgeous, definitely worth the price.

anne-marie L a dit…

I wonder that we can make the patch with destructured blocs but without the lines and the center.
(the last picture). It will be an interesting project for our group of patch
bises anne-marie

YankeeQuilter a dit…

We are having the same problem with artists and craftsman here in the states...seems to be fewer and fewer of them. Those black fabrics are just beautiful...I love how a bit of black and purple in a quilt will instantly "age" it!